Download 6 is here and for this one I’ve created a double deck using the Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards by Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer. I love the messages and the images on these cards and do wish that they made them as one deck so that the backs of the cards matched. The light energy Yggdrasil oh the reverse of the Sacred Spirit Cards is a real draw for all clients when I’m doing readings. I also feel that the artistry of Louis Dyer is strengthening.

Anyhow enough about the creation of the cards, let’s see what they have to say as the giant Phoenix pours in towards us. This is the first time I’ve used these two decks together and alone for a reading and the picture creation is stunning.

So as I shuffled the double blue deck as I like to call it a single card fell face down and then a second card fell onto that card and spun round as if driving into the first card. It was like a rapid force sweeping in to mix everything up. The first card was Exploration and the second Rest. together they formed the energy of the fiery Phoenix. We need to stop and disconnect from the 3D world and all the divisive fears in order to explore the beauty of our own creative consciousness. We need to sweep inside ourselves and purify away all the stuck energies, worries and fears that hang heavy in our daily lives. The other two cards that slid out of the double blue deck were Cosmic Ancestors and Boundaries. They both fell either side of the Phoenix to create the tableau above.

With Cosmic Ancestors flowing into the nose of the Phoenix I was made aware that this is a message from Sirius to all those in their families and those of you that hear Cosmic wisdom as it resounds throughout the Universe. Boundaries must be set and a personal Sacred City must be built by all Starseeds. This celestial spot is created in the imagination but it must be built and embellished so that it can become tangibly real. This personal Sacred Space is the plot of land from where you must plan your own version of the 5D New Earth.

The sacred inner sanctum is where you connect with the Source of the Cosmos and creation. This is the space which is shared by you, only with the Cosmos itself. By creating boundaries and creating your personal Utopian dream the Cosmos can begin constructing your imagine reality and making it real. As it expands you will create more and more spaces that you will wish to share with others. It’s very much like gaming online. You build your Empire and others will come to see the beauty you have created. Some will wish to stay so that they can get ideas for their own 5D Utopias.

Next up was confirmation that we are dealing with energies from Sirius as five cards dashed to the table, all from just one half of the combined deck and with the Galactic Healer staring up at me. I just love this card so much. It is genderless and full of vibrational energies that wobble as they expand from within the card. This is your cosmic ancestors sending you a Galactic Healer to work with you and any issues you might be experiencing as we head towards the solar eclipse on 26th December. This eclipse will shower the southern hemisphere with divine male energy. This is the heat and warmth of the sun and will work essentially on the body and its molecules.

The divine feminine energy that showered down during the July solar eclipse is now being held back as Uranus is retrograde until the 10th of January. Then the emotional flow will burst forwards as a lunar eclipse takes place that same day (11th in some places – check your timezones).

So we have Lead the Way, Open Intuition, Emotional Challenges & Spiritual Evolution as the key message from the Galactic Healer. But the secondary messages read like perfect advice; Light Your Own Path, Seek Clarification, Resolve the Issue & Set Your Heart Free. You need to open a channel with your Cosmic ancestors or this intergalactic psychic surgeon they have sent to you. You can do this through dreams if you are not adept at channelling yet. Simple converse with your guides and set the intention that they will answer you as you sleep. And journal your dreams please.

Secret Temptations, Astral Travel and Energy Signatures are all reinforcing the message that your mind is the key to your journey onward. Being led astray is purposefully meant. Not so you feel shame or disgust at yourself but so that you can lead a ruler and more varied life. It is also about setting up darker spaces in our lives so that we might grow in strength and fortitude.

Astral Travel is the need for your consciousness to expand through creative thinking, outside of all the current boxes you have piled up that are stunting your imagination from rising up and leaving the ashes behind.

Energy Signatures – The Past is in the Present is a reminder that the past if carried forwards emotionally will torment and block the present with its fake emotions that have been created by the brain stuck in thought patterns.

This will not be an easy ride depending on how far along the path of Shadow Work you currently are but also it is not something to fear either. At some point you will have to sort out the emotional issues that need resolving so why not crack on and take full advantage of the current very helpful energies that this divine male phoenix is bring in with the eclipse. I saw the divine female phoenix in the sky three days after the July eclipse as the energy of the Cosmos blew open the gateway to the 5th dimension. This is about setting the heart free with a balance of male and female kundalini flowing. It’s also about going the lower and higher heart chakras into a new super heart chakra for 2020.

Three more cards are positioned below the first four and they are the essences of the joining of the messages above.

Meditation – Improvements Require Persistence, is reminding you that practice will help to build your personal New Earth strengthening the boundaries you create and increasing the restfulness you experience there.

Purification is the process of integrating the emotional challenges as we explore our inner psyche. Layer by layer we remove blockages and turn them into new layers of emotional growth.

Living Light Energy – See the Beauty in Life is the most direct message from your Cosmic Ancestors. As you begin to come into balance you must begin to adore the Earth plane and all the gifts and wonders its offers to each of us. If there are things you find uncomfortable then set boundaries in your imagination that will not allow such energies or behaviours into your 5D Utopia. As more and more people begin to create their own New Earth Cities so the Universe will begin to create them for real.

One final card fell out to complete the reading, Hidden Realms. This has a few meanings. Firstly that you need to create a firm boundary on your personal hidden realm of Sacred Celestial Space. It also speaks of the realms and planes of existence that are currently hidden from you but that through regular practice can be opened to you. It also refers to the realms hidden in our psyche that need to be sting cleaned and tidied up.

All round this seems a very positive and upbeat message about moving forwards into 2020 having settled and created some new practices that will benefit everyone as we all move on to better pastures.

Wassail Russell

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