On 02/02/2020 the Gate of Ishtar came online in the Cosmic frequencies and will remain open now until you reach the frequency to pass through the first gateway into the courtyard. It was here that the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon were believed to be. While in the courtyard you are required to finish a Shadow Work project you have started.

Death XIII – Battling the Self for Transformation

Once this is completed and you have shed old thought and emotional patterns a hummingbird spirit will appear and open the second Gateway for you to be reborn in a new stronger frequency that relates to the Heart Chakra. 

The Aeon XX – Passing Through a Frequency Gateway.

But Babylon had other gateways. Each gate relates to a Babylonian god or goddess. Some have their roots in the Sumerian pantheon while others come via the Hittites and other regional belief systems. I’m not sure that the names are important it is the energy and the frequency of what they represent within our souls that matters. I have been trying to download the truth behind each Gateway but until they come online Cosmically speaking they remain hidden from my consciousness. I’ve tried very hard to peep behind the curtain at them and each time my guides close me down but there are some big energy shifts on their way this year and the next major change happens on 20/02/2020 (02/20/2020 US) and will open another portal. However 2 days later there is also 22/02/2020 (02/22/2020 US) which looks set to open a third. They are hinted at that.

But before that there is the full moon in Leo and this is part of the 02/02/2020 frequency. This will take place on the 8th or 9th depending on your location. This is a set up frequency for the solar eclipse in June. It is in Leo and ruled by the sun but is part of the new moon in Aquarius so it will carry a series of downloads to help detach from the old energies of the Age of Pisces. More fighting with our personal and pointless demons.

Lust XI – Or Strength – Leo Energy – Battling Personal Demons

Then a beautiful Cosmic event will take place between 18th – 20th February involving the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The three planets will line up in the sky and the moon will pass each one over three days. It will occult (pass in front of) Mars on the 18th. This will be visible in many places with the naked eye. Then the following night the moon will occult Jupiter and then pass to the south of Saturn on the 20th. It seems that just like the Venus kiss Neptune moment on the 28th Jan this is the fanfare for the next Gateway of Babylon to open. 

Four of Pentacles – Grounding Your Power to Pass Through a Gateway

So what does this all mean for us? Well the moon rules our third eye and this is where we receive downloads. With Mars, our root chakra now flowing with emotional masculine energy and big ole expansive Jupiter amplifying this you will be feeling a need to connect to the Earth Grid. Mars is the note C and Jupiter G. This is a perfect 5th which musically speaking is a open pathway in which to receive information. With Jupiter and its karmic overtones of growth this download will be massive. Expect lots of ear ringing and for prolonged periods. But please don’t be alarmed by this. It’s expected if you want to grow and develop. You can check out my ear ringing video integration technique. I’m hearing an extremely high C ringing in my left ear as I write this so I’m certain this is about Earth connection. 

So what about Saturn? Well this magical lord of Karma is the frequency of the lower Heart and our connection to the natural world. This chakra needs to be prepared to match the higher heart Gate of Ishtar that opened on the 2nd of February. These two gateways are opening to prepare us for the Midsummer Solar Eclipse on 21st June. This is when the energy of the sun will begin to flow as divine masculine energy and this is when the two heart frequencies will be able to combine to create a new understanding of love that we have never experienced. I’ll write more about that closer to the time. It is referenced in my Spiritual Wheel of the Year Reading which culminates in the promise of Soulmates and tantric sex.

So back to Saturn. Saturn is F and the Moon is A. This gives us F A C & G which is an F2 chord or F9. A grounded but watery Debussy-esque tonality. This is very magical musically. However there is a energy squeezing cluster busting old static energies at the same time still in Capricorn as Pluto, C#, the third karmic deliverer is pushing in with Jupiter and Saturn. Ceres, D, the Sacral has driven forward into Aquarius and the Sun is on the threshold of Pisces so there will be a great deal of intense emotions unlocking ahead of this new gateway. And the flow of kundalini energy will start to soften so it will be safer to access.

The Universe XXI

These Babylonian names relate mainly to gods not goddesses but there is a reason for that. The divine feminine consciousness has not changed. It is the energy of the Earth that is metamorphosing from raw male, through emotional Male to divine masculine. This is where our cleansing needs to take place so that our divine feminine can descend and merge with these new body frequencies. As to which gateway will be next to open? I am still not privy to the absolute truth but I’m sensing it will be the goddess Uraš as we need to welcome our divine feminine into the changing Earth Grid. But this is still a hunch. Here is a list of the names of the other Gateways I know of so far:

Uraš – Goddess of the Earth

Princess of Disks

Zababa – God of War and Protection

The Chariot VII

Marduk – Calf of the Sun and father god of Babylon 

The Emperor IV

Enlil – God of the Winds

Princess of Swords – I know Enlil is male but this card seemed the best representation.

Sin (Nanna) – God of the Moon


Adad – God of Storms

The Tower XVI

Shamash – God of the Sun and Justice


I wonder which of these gods and goddesses are about to open up their gateways. I can’t wait to learn.


Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley & illustrated by Frieda Harris

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

The Spirit Animal Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards (combined as one deck)
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

Pre-Raphaelite Tarot by Valeria Menozzi & Artwork by Giuliano Costa

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck by Kim Krans 

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  1. Hi Russell! I just want to tell you that I loved your 02022020 Gates of Ishtar reading. It wasn’t only informative, there was something IN your reading that changed the frequency in me…that night I had am amazing vision that showed me this. So, I want to let you know that when you are doing the video readings, your voice, the sound of it, the combination of the words you select, the pitch and pace you use to convey them is a sound healing in itself. xxx
    Ive had a small bit of connection with you before on the soul matrix group re a sound healing post of yours…I’m a clarinettist from Australia. I really love your posts and recommend your readinhs/site to mu friends I was wondering …..do you do individual readings via skyoe????????

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