A dear old friend contacted me with a thyroid problem for which the medication is not working, so I thought I would focus on a Sound Healing solution for this problem as I get many clients with Thyroid issues. Here are my thoughts for all of you out there with Thyroid & Thymus troubles. 

The note of the Thyroid  and Thymus energy centre is G and is probably one of the most important notes in the body. It is part of the ‘Divine Trinity of Cleansing Pitches’ the other two being B and D#/Eb. The B of the Crown Chakra is where your Consciousness, or Spirit enters your physical body. This is the first of the three notes. The G of the Thyroid & Thymus is the second of these energy pitches and this is the daddy in turns of the size of the energy flow. It is vast and purifying and behaves differently to all the other energy flows. The third note is the D#/Eb of the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and spleen. 

To understand the importance and flow of these Magical Three Endocrine notes we must first look at the positions of all the energy centres in the body to appreciate the relationship between them all. The Seven Chakras are divided into 8 musical pitches as there are two heart notes. All our energies sit inside our auric field a large energy bubble and while many assume it is created inside us it begins drawing it power from the ether around us and that flows through us and out of us.

The green F of the Lower Heart is where we process and appreciate the Natural World and is located in the base lungs. It is often quite a quiet chakra that is easily hidden by other pitches. Even in those clients who have a great love for the natural world as this note is connected to belly breathing and this is quite an art form for many of us. I did heal a client who was a geologist working for a Nature Charity tying to protect the planet and the Natural World. When I sang the F behind him my entire Sound Healing studio sand and resonated like a whale calling across the depths of the oceans. It was amazing. 

The F# of the Higher Heart is the pink energy where we love other people. This is the great unstruck of compassion and forgiveness. It is struck but we find ourselves making judgements on other and this dampens the resonance back down. The Higher Heart is currently undergoing a reboot as I mentioned in an earlier blog: “let’s get to the heart of the matter.”

All eight of these energy pitches as close to the body in a straight line down the spine with the auric flow passing from back to front and then exiting forwards and circling back round the side of the body in a loop creating a frequency bubble or ballon of energy. 

These major energy centres and pitches C, D, E, F, F#, G#, A & B are the eight Chakra wheels and while they are essential to maintaining our auric field they are not the most powerful oddly as I had always believed them to be. Sitting just behind the bloody is the C#/Db of the Vertebrae and the A#/Bb of the nervous system. This frequency chord is composed of both notes and this wires itself into the eight Chakra pitches to feed them. The upper spine has been rewiring recently further away from the body as the energy of the Divine Feminine has been increasing around the world. You can read my blog “I don’t feel fine – where’s my spine?” about this and listen to my tune to reestablish it’s core frequency.

So now we are left with the endocrine system. The Crown Chakra note of B serves a dual purpose as chakra and stimulator of the glands situated in the brain and head. It also acts as the outer shell of the auric field along with the root C of the Base Chakra. The Divine Trio of Cleansing pitches enter the auric field from about three to six feet away from the body at the very rear. They pull in and transmute the ether magic into the auric field and wire it directly into the spine. The Crown descends from above but also pulls in a booster from behind. 

As with all Chakra energies the Adrenal rotates backwards feeding its own loop. The Thyroid and Thymus behaves totally at odds with all the others. Not only is this energy the gap filler when other centres have misaligned but it’s flow through the body follows a different trajectory. Entering from several feet behind the body its home is between the shoulder blades just above the Higher Heart and below the Throat Chakra. It then flows toward the shoulder blades and takes a sharp turning down the arms and sides of the body into the legs and feet. From here it flows into the Earth retuning upward to form an oval energy flow much like a pain of angel wings. The chakra energies flow through the centre of these angelic ovals. It’s a beautiful interwoven pattern of energy in balance. 

With these energy flows in mind settle down and pop on some headphones and listen to my Healing Melody designed to help rebalance the Thyroid & Thymus energies. I hope this will help to bring some comfort to the body by correcting this energy centre. The fact that it flows in a different direction to all the others is why this centre can be so troubled foe so many. Especially as it it trying to stabilise other troubled energy flows.

This tune utilises the G and B to create space between them to allow the throat its space and then wires in the third D#/Eb note to hone all three cleansing energies to correct the pathways and allow separation and flow.

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