There are times when a new and totally amazing magic unexpectedly enters your life that changes perception forever. Yesterday I experienced such a moment and it was strewn with divine synchronicities too. Always a good sign. A wonderful client, cellist and composer, Zoë Martlew asked if she might bring her cello with her for a session. She had been to a visit a service in London that’s a lot like a cello hospital but this time they were unable to administer any aid to her beloved instrument. I leapt at the chance to give this a whirl. After her first sound healing Zoë had said that her cello and her were like one energy and voice the next day. 

So Zoë rocked up and I asked her to play some of the music she was soon performing as a soloist. I was immediately struck by how the timbre of the cello had some notes, where the frequencies was not as even and these notes sounded separate from the phasing of the melodies. There was a kind of slight and distant scratching like a sore throat that was lending a duller edge to these tones. Some like C#/Db were extremely rich while others like G & D#/Eb seemed distant of weak. 

As C is the root chakra and the frequency basis of all molecules we thought it would be a good starting point followed by B of the Crown Chakra. In a person this is the balance between the Divine Masculine & Feminine. It was while singing the B that the body of the cello began to reverberate my vocal frequency and expand it, to enhance it. Zoë began playing again and the tone of those B notes was suddenly sounding much richer and fuller. This was very beautiful but also rather surprising to us both. We stared and laughed in disbelief. 

Since A#/Bb was the weakest note and C# the clearest we decided to connect the spine and nervous system as was usual in a healing. This time as I slid the note down, the cello really boomed with joy. And immediately on playing again this note took on a creamier richness. The tone was rounder and richer. What the pluck!!! 

With G being the thyroid and thymus and the shoulders and this bring a place many string players hold tension and tightness from the technique of playing, it seemed natural that the energy here would be weaker. As was the energy of the instrument’s tone on G. So we marched on with the standard healing process of this Thyroid & Thymus. G is usually sung above each shoulder down the sides of the body so this is what I did, when the epiphany struck. This time as the cello vibrated I was suddenly aware of the instrument’s own auric field. I know! 

That sounds absolutely nuts and yet when we talk about the tone and voice of individual instruments we often praise their personal voices or souls. Though we also remark on how different players can draw out differences too from a great instrument. This, we maintain is all down to the personal energy between the player and the instrument. What if the two could be harmonised better? Using my Sonic Shower healing technique and drenching the two in the same frequency could be just the answer to this. What I was sensing as I toned the different pitches of the cello was the frequency of the wood from which the instrument was constructed. 

So we moved on with a new intention to drench the body and neck of the cello in sound healing frequencies for every note. As Zoë continued playing I was able to sense the frequencies of the wood that were not as open as others. To fine tune the resonance. Some pitches resonated better on one side than the other and the D#/Eb was only singing in the base of the body. As we added more and more pitches I began singing some directly into the cello itself. 

Then when we turned to E, the solar plexus which is a new energy frequency in the earth grid and us, the sun burnished orange to begin its descent over the sea and the room bloomed ochre. On singing this into the instrument the wood seemed to sing on after I stopped. I know there is an E string that can sympathetically resonate but A and G had not done this. It seemed very magical and happy. 

So we continued until all the pitches had been covered and recovered. Suddenly the instrument was sounding like a Stradivarius, Bergonzi or a Guarneri This was amazing. The entire body of the cello was warm and alive. The wood was awake and every tone a dream. This notion of tonal enhancement will strike a note of joy into the souls of all string player not to mention fear into the dark hearts of the sellers of those instruments who tell us that only the maturity of the wood over centuries will ever deliver the mellifluous timbres unique to those great a renowned beasts of the string world. Because this inflates the prices and their profits. 

I am alive with excitement at testing this new Cello Shaman gift out on more instruments. I’m guided to understand that even though violins are higher than the pitch of my healing frequencies it is the wood that I am healing and it will work throughout the string family. So why not book an hour with me for £50 and see what we can do to wake the true soul of your instrument? 

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  1. Everything is alive, aware and responsive.. this post make my heart sing. Just discovered your site today after looking for a long time for specific chords and notes for healing. My body responded strongly to your sound healing videos and I feel more energetic and joyful, Thank you!

    1. Oh wow Danielle I’m so happy to hear this. Music is powerful because everything is frequency

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