With all the Sound Healing sessions I am giving at the moment many people are asking lots of questions about how it works. It’s very simple in it’s theory but complex in that everyone is totally different. I don’t mean just that we are all very different creatures but we all change our energies daily. Somedays I leap up from bed and Julie Andrews is singing from my soul (we share a birthday) as I skip through the day like a nun on acid.Other days I wake with eye-bags so puffed up I feel like Mary Poppers with far too many things packed into my tired eyes like Theresa May (we share a birthday too). I’m just pointing out how different we can all be even when we share a birthday. Some days I wake up feeling completely nuts (I also share a birthday with Jimmy Carter the President peanut farmer) and it’s on these wrong days that I have to begin with a cleansing vocal meditation.

So enough about me (it’s never enough about me to be honest) you want to learn about the Sonic Shower. I’m going to keep this brief as I’m saving the details for each pitch as I write about them in depth. F# Higher Heart and G# Throat are posted already but the remaining 10 tones are a detailed work in progress. Keeps you coming back though eh?

Here is a simple diagram of where the energy centres ought to be when balanced. Don’t worry they rarely are in anyone, even Julie Andrews has off days but not often.

So a Sonic Shower always begins with deep breathing and then I begin with the Higher Heart Chakra – Pink – F#. The client stands or sits. Many prefer to sit as the enveloping orb of sound that emulates from my being makes people twitch and wobble. I then stand. sit or kneel behind the person so that I can push sound through their various chakras and then observe where the pitch is open or blocked. Blocked sounds bounce off the client and I can sense this on my lips. Open areas drink my voice and the clients flesh acts an an amplifier for the Sonic Shower vibration. Then it is a process of singing all the 12 notes and listening and feeling for the position of all the chakras. The client talks about how they feel and I point out observations that we discover and often they begin to open up and express the feelings that are blocking their true energy flows.

The spine and nervous system is a wonderful feeling as chakra pitches are place specific. The C#/Db of the spine runs the entire length go the back. I stand and capture the upper spine vibration and then slide my voice down to the A#/Bb of the Coccyx. If there are any problems the sound drops out slightly. If the spine and nervous system is good the voice sinks like syrup through the body. This is a wonderful feeling for the client a they can truly feel the sound energy descend through their entire body.

This is an example of how the energy centres can be typically aligned in a client. By the end of most sessions we can usually shift the energy centres back to their correct alignments but this doesn’t mean you are miraculously healed. Healing is a longer process and only happens when a client is willing to release the old stale energies and face the traumas that are blocking them. But with regular sessions and eventual practise at creating the tones themselves most people can begin to create their own sonic showers to keep their energy centres under their command.

Please write to me here and ask questions. I love writing back to interested people. I just want to share this magical meditative technique that was gifted to me from Beyond the Cosmos. It’s time to share this wonderful healing tool with everyone. Big Pharma I have plans to make you redundant so watch out. I am currently waiting at the moment to sign a contract for the most wonderful new studio so for the time being I’m only able to attend home visits.

I have for many decades taught group classes in the round where we get to be the centre of a circular Sonic Shower of many voices. I am always available, time permitting to come and work with groups anywhere. I am also happy to visit healing centres abroad from time to time to share this unique but invigorating healing experience. No group is too large. I have a very strong and willing voice. OMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Everything starts with ‘A’ vibration

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