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I have created a series of three videos to demonstrate how a sound healing works as the techniques I use are new and unique and do not fit the usual patterns of most sound baths that involve gongs or singing bowls which is why I describe it as a sonic shower.

90 MinutesEnergy Mapping, Rebalance & Rewiring Tune£70.00
60 MinutesRebalance & Rewiring Tune£50.00
30 MinutesRebalance£40.00

No1 Marina
St. Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0DP +44 (0)7540 316855

Contact me to book your first Sound Healing Sonic Shower session and start to feel at one with yourself energetically. Scroll down for more info on the healing session.

Full Sound Healing Sonic Shower (90 minutes) £70

This is the daddy of Sound Healing and includes the full body mapping experience of your 12 energy centres. Gaining an understanding of the current energetic flows allows understanding of issues that the body is experiencing. This helps highlight issues and emotional blockages that can be causing energetic blockages. Your personal map is then emailed to you so that you can refer to the old imbalances and issues you are learning to release. Then the healing begins with all 12 energy flows returned to balance. This allows the body to begin resetting itself. Your healing concludes with a tune used to weave and rewire your energetic centres into a harmonious flow throughout your body. We record this song so that you can replay the melody, using headphones and this will return the notes to the body helping to maintain your balance.

60 Minute Sound Healing Sonic Shower £50

The 60 minute session involves all 12 energy flows being returned to balance. This allows the body to begin resetting itself. Your healing concludes with a tune used to weave and rewire your energetic centres into a harmonious flow throughout your body. We record this song so that you can replay the melody, using headphones and this will return the notes to the body helping to maintain your balance. There is no mapping during this healing.

30 Minute Sound Healing Sonic Shower £40

This 30 minute Energy Rebalancing Session is for those clients who wish to have a swift retune during the week to boost balance and energy levels. This is excellent as quick top up to align your energy flows when you feel out of sorts, lacklustre or in need of mental clarity.

I have always had this unique gift for stepping inside a person’s body with my voice. I can locate all the energy centres in both the body and auric field. When these energy centres are not properly aligned the body cannot function at its optimal level. If the energy centres of the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and spleen are not resonating in the correct area, they are not vibrating those organs at their correct frequency and so tiredness sets in. These cleansing organ will therefore not be performing their detoxifying duties properly as you sleep and morning lethargy will take hold and continue throughout the day.

If the energy centre for the throat if misaligned and hidden under the armpit clients might suffer with dry coughs or sore throats that seem to reoccur too frequently.

Physical injuries too create blockages that interrupt flow. Being returned to your correct frequency balance often assists the speed of physical healings.

When an energy centre is misaligned or has slipped out of place another energy field will slide into its place confusing and disturbing the Qi or Chi. The body requires energy throughout both itself and the auric field that extends from our physical being. This creates a pattern of confusion within the body and auric field that often creates discomforts in other areas as the energy gets trapped and backs up..

Physical pains start to lessen once the correct frequency is returned to the body and inflammations or other discomforts are reduced. After many recent mediations to better understand this unique healing art that was gifted to me I am now able to offer three kinds of healing sessions.

Join me and take a seat with the sea stretching out before you. The Sound Healing room is also a superb place for small yoga classes and a host of other therapies. And any clients who arrive early find the beach to be an exceedingly stunning waiting room, weather permitting. Wassail People.

The space is available to rent between 7.30am to 10.30pm daily for other therapies at an exceedingly good hourly price. Please email me for more information, rates and availability at

Located on the seafront at No.1 Marina, St. Leonards-on-Sea my new Sound Healing Studio is part of a healing therapy partnership with Roma at Blue Bee in Courthouse Street Hastings. Working together to span the two towns both places offer spaces and support for healers, readers and other holistic therapies including Reiki and Body Stress Release. One space is the Earth healing Hive and the other the Air in which the bees buzz around.

So whatever your therapy needs or if you require a Tarot reading get in touch with us and we will introduce you to one of our specialist therapists and point you in the right direction to one of our healing spaces. Good Health people – Wassail !

Grid Work & Energy Clearance In Spaces, Homes & Workplaces

I also perform Grid Work and Energy Clearance using my voice to improve the Qi or Chi in the home or at work. Energy Lines flow everywhere we live and work but can often become stale and cause discomfort. In workspaces and the the home we create personal networks. Vortexes develop and from these flow radial energies that do not align with the natural flow of good energy. I use both my Sound Healing technique and smudging to unlock the flow of the 12 radial arms that balances these vortexes returning the harmonious flow of energies in all directions bringing calm and wellbeing to a space. 

Tarot Readings

I have been reading the cards and teaching Tarot for over three decades. They are the most beautiful tool for connecting with guides and seeking answers to deep hidden esoteric knowledge that helps the Querent (that’s you, the sitter asking the questions) delve into their deeper self to illuminate the best pathway through life by connecting with positive feelings and actions. For more info visit my Tarot Readings & Prices page

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  1. Hi Russell,I want to thank you for your wonderful inspirational work.I can’t express the relief and Joy in finding you.I’ve just read your lost star seed blog and found my self sobbing with joy .As a child I learnt to read music as a soprano sang in a church choir which I loved and thought about becoming a nun.By 13 i experienced some trauma my voice dropped dramatically i left the church and stopped singing at 15 .Then spent the next 20 or more year’s being told to stop singing so I did.I would love to find my voice or at least heal the trauma and fear I have with speaking my truth.I would love to plan a visit and a session with you.I live in Bexley in Kent so it’s really workable to get to you. Love and Light Simone

    1. Oh Simone I am so moved reading this. Please do come and see me so we can return your voice to you. It would be a honour to help you reconnect with your truth. Text me. My number is on this website

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