Remote Sound Healing

Wow I’ve grown hair since then

Just now I am unable to offer any remote Sound Healings. Apologies for this pause. There are healings on my YouTube Channel that are free to enjoy.

Tarot Readings

I have been reading Tarot and Oracle cards as well as teaching Tarot for over three decades. They are the most beautiful tool for connecting with your guides and seeking answers to deep hidden esoteric knowledge that helps the Querent (that’s you, the sitter who is asking the questions) to delve into your deeper self to illuminate the best pathway through life by connecting with positive feelings and actions.

I post many readings on my YouTube channel and every month delve into the energies of the Chinese Zodiac Signs for each New Moon. I also create collective readings around important astrological events and Sound Healing frequencies. For more info visit my Tarot Readings & Prices page.

Grid Work & Energy Clearance In Spaces, Homes & Workplaces

I will be seeking Earth Grid energy columns to heal as I roam the coasts. This involves first finding and then resetting the Earth’s energies with my voice. These columns have been fading as the Age of Pisces has been slipping away. Many columns have lost their 12 radials and so its an essential Lightworker task to reactivate these and to align them with the new Age of Aquarius Divine Feminine 13 energies.

I also perform Grid Work and Energy Clearance to improve the Qi or Chi in the home or workplace. Energy Lines flow everywhere we live and work but can often become stale and cause discomfort. In workspaces and the home we create personal networks of energy where we move, focus, sit, eat, sleep and laugh. Vortexes develop and from these flow radial energies that do not necessarily align with the natural flow of good energy.

I use both my Sound Healing technique and smudging to unlock the flow of the 12 radial arms that balances these vortexes, returning the harmonious flow of energies in all directions bringing calm and wellbeing to a space so that your life might feel balanced

music IS medicine

Everything has shifted and changed around the entire world during 2020. Returning to the old ways is no longer an option so I will be adjusting my entire life to embrace the new frequencies and energetic flows that have begun since the solar eclipse on midsummer’s day. My life, just like most people’s lives, has been turned upside down, shaken out and dropped back to Earth with a bang so loud, that it is asking me “What next? How do you wish to move forward? What are you willing to sacrifice for real change?

My reply is everything. So that’s the plan people, to let go of everything I hold dear, once more and set off trusting the Cosmos and Spirit.

Sound Healing & the Sonic Shower

I’ve still got these trousers with me as I travel

I have always had this unique gift for stepping inside a person’s body with my voice. I can locate all the energy centres in both the body and auric field. When these energy centres are not properly aligned the body cannot function at its optimal level. If the energy centres of the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and spleen are not resonating in the correct areas in the body and auric field, they are not vibrating those organs at their correct frequency, therefore tiredness and lethargy sets in. These cleansing organs will therefore not be performing their detoxifying duties properly as you sleep and each morning more and more lethargy will take hold and continue throughout the day, building up over the weeks and months.

If the energy centre for the throat if misaligned and hidden under the armpit as is often the case clients might suffer with dry coughs or sore throats that seem to reoccur at the drop of a hat.

Physical injuries also create blockages that interrupt the energetic flow. Being returned to your correct frequency balance often assists the speed of physical healings.

When an energy centre is misaligned or has slipped out of its true place another energy field will shift into that area confusing and disturbing the Qi or Chi and creating distortions. Our health and wellbeing require energy throughout both the physical body and the energetic auric field. This creates a pattern of distortion from within that creates discomfort as the energy becomes more and more trapped.

With my vocal healing Sonic Shower, physical pains start to lessen once the correct frequency is returned to the body and inflammations or other discomforts are reduced and cleared but this depends entirely on identifying and changing emotional thought patterns that create the original distortions. Some discomforts are also created by the movement of the Music of the Spheres and the position of the planets in the solar system as they each command one of the 12 energy centres in the body.

Gonna miss this beautiful studio

My journey to the Himalayas

I’m heading off on a journey around Europe, eventually heading to visit Anup Panthi and his Sound Healing studio in the Himalayas. He is an online friend and such a beautiful, kind and deeply gentle soul who is a Master Healer and Teacher of Tibetan Singing Bowls. I’ve no idea how long it will take me to get there as I’ve so many places to visit on the way but he has promised to keep a kettle steaming and a light lit to guide me to his mountain retreat.

I will be Sound Healing everywhere I rock up round the world, along with performing Earth Energy Grid Work. I will be reaching out to all the amazing beautiful people who are Subscribers to my YouTube channel so we can arrange live Sound Healing sessions. These will be free to join and will happen in many beautiful locations as I wander. Those able to donate may do so via my PayPal account and those who can’t afford to, needn’t. It’s important, to me, that everything remains freely available to all.

I will also be teaching Grid Work, Tarot Reading courses, seeking local folk musicians to share their talents as well as posting my usual videos on YouTube. This is going to be an epic journey, eventually to many continents so get ready to host me in your area.

I will be offering Sound Healing sessions in person, as I pass though various towns. villages and cities as I wander round Europe.

When performing a Sound Healing session in person I am able to map out your current flow of the 12 energy centres in your auric field and body. This allows us to see and interpret any problems that may be causing you personal discomfort that may seem hidden. Then when the healing begins I enveloped your body in the unique vocal Sonic Shower that will excite and shake all your molecules and calm and extend your auric field. All 12 energy centres are then brought back into balance, alignment and flow. This allows the body to reset its natural state of being.

Your healing then concludes with a Cosmic Lullaby, sung through your auric field to weave and wire your energetic centres together allowing a harmonious flow throughout your physical and light bodies. This melody is recorded so that you may listen as often as you like using headphones. The brain then returns the melody to the body helping you maintain your unique energetic balance.

YouTube Live Sound Healing Sessions

I will host live Sound Healing sessions that will allow anyone to join me on my YouTube channel russellingaround for group healings where I will connect with the collective energies and you will be able to write questions to me about how things work and which planets connect with which energy centres in the body.

Unleash the Vocal Power Within Yourself

I want to be able to reach out to people in their home towns as soon as social distancing rules are relaxed and set up group workshops on how to Find the Power of Your Voices. We will study and learn breath work and singing to heal yourself and others.

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  1. Hi Russell,I want to thank you for your wonderful inspirational work.I can’t express the relief and Joy in finding you.I’ve just read your lost star seed blog and found my self sobbing with joy .As a child I learnt to read music as a soprano sang in a church choir which I loved and thought about becoming a nun.By 13 i experienced some trauma my voice dropped dramatically i left the church and stopped singing at 15 .Then spent the next 20 or more year’s being told to stop singing so I did.I would love to find my voice or at least heal the trauma and fear I have with speaking my truth.I would love to plan a visit and a session with you.I live in Bexley in Kent so it’s really workable to get to you. Love and Light Simone

    1. Oh Simone I am so moved reading this. Please do come and see me so we can return your voice to you. It would be a honour to help you reconnect with your truth. Text me. My number is on this website

  2. You are just simply magnificent. Your tarot readings are sublime. The Sound Healing session you gifted me last year was the most fantastic experience. Bless you

    1. Thanks Sharon. We must catch up soon. I loved your healing. You entire face transformed. I would love to hear about the soul information you prepared for me too.

      1. Hi
        I somehow missed this message ! Ah well only 4 months late ! I’m going to be visiting Hastings in a few weeks time so would love to finally deliver your Soul Plan to you….my frequency has upgraded since then so I will redo it before I come

  3. Hello from Seattle . I recently discovered your beautiful gift of videos on YouTube! Have you left on your journey?

    1. I’m leaving on a couple of weeks. I just wanted my website ready before I left

  4. Wassail Russell! ✨ … Hope allll is flowing positive … I have a special request … Please, please, I hope, hope, you’ll be posting your live sound healing on you tube, AFTER the LIVE EVENT on Friday. For us peeps that will be unable to attend. .. (have to work) 🙁
    May your life unfold with Grace and Ease. Luv n Lavish Abundance! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! May everything YOU need come effortlessly. In perfect time! A’se A’se A’se …. I will be with Live Sound Healing in Spirit!!! Wassail!

  5. ( apologies for coming onto to public platform and it’s been unsuccessful with all other avenues. Thank you Wassail Family for your kind understanding
    We are our Hallelujah!

    Howdy Dear Brother,
    Checking again — my paypal shows you recvd. $280. American, per request below? Look forward to hearing. FYI my home/office/email notice is closed — YET, EMAILS COME THROUGH, I’m checking every couple days to hear from you. I know or feel your at a galloping pace — I await and look forward to when it glows & flows !

    Georgina Lindsey
    Founder: Naked Grace Transformational &
    Evolutionary Coaching, Dialogues, Retreats, Writings (since 1989)
    310 498.0878
    “Against the ruin of the world, there is only one defense — the creative act.” – Kenneth Rexford

    1. Wassail Lyndsey. I’ve sent you an email. Apologies for the delay. I do the admin for PayPal weekly as there is so much to do creating everything for my channel. Your money was sent just three days ago so I wouldn’t have seen it yet. Apologies for not replying swifter. I’m moving from Le Havre today after a month so I will need a couple of days to unpack and settle in. Can you please let me know what service you are requesting. I do ask that money sent includes a few words to explain if it is for a reading, a sound healing or a donation, as some donations have been so incredibly huge and generous. This makes my time processing request easier.

      Thanks for contacting me. I look forward to you clarifying your request.

  6. Dear Russ,
    having stumbled upon your channel since your videos starting the yellow electric seed year, I feel deep appreciation for how you’ve been sharing your journey! And congratulations on Liffruma, it’s amazing! Loved the poem you read out in the context of loneliness, grief and loss – definitely relate to the feelings you shared. I’ve also been traveling and it’s been great, though also tough, especially in the sense that friendship and genuinely meeting another in the physical is something quite precious. Which is why I wanted to give it a try reaching out to you, seeing you’re in Quito. If you feel inspired, maybe we could meet up in the historical center, or go for a nature walk, get some delicious local food and see how we connect? I myself do poetry, music and bodywork. I love nature, animals, birds, feathers. I’m fortysomething, gay and merry:) originally from Cyprus. Would be lovely to hear from you. Let me know where to communicate – tried gee mail but not sure it’s the right address. Apologies if this isn’t the right place, didn’t see another option – feel free to delete this message if it doesn’t fit here.
    Happy new month, with kind regards,

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