So I’ve spent all day downloading a way to get into that hip cluster and working out how to release it. The result is not pretty but I’ve learnt that pretty isn’t always what gets the job done! I found the tune and the rewiring harmonic codes and sang it over and over again but it seems that this hip cluster requires a very different kind of sound healing. I’ve been told to detune, wobble, pitch bend and use the harsher edges of my voice to create the necessary tools to get deep into the body and auric field. When it was done I felt it was so rough that I couldn’t post it but Spirit says it’s exactly what’s needed to cut into the frequencies and pull them apart.

So here is the healing patch. It is essential that you pop headphones on and sit very still. Focus on deep belly breaths and the ducks on the pond. Surrender to the melody and the harmonics that will untie the tangle of energy centres.

Epiphany!! So here is all the information I originally posted on FaceBook.

Recently I spoke about the heart chakra rebooting and created a melodic healing patch for this. The latest energy trend among clients is the left side hip cluster. As with most agues I had to spot the pattern first, before I couldn’t make sense of it. Some had it and others didn’t. Then the penny dropped. This is only manifesting in those who are seeking to raise their vibration during this double timeline window. 

So the higher heart has shifted to the left along with the lower heart which has also dropped lower, the Sacral and the adrenal glands (liver kidneys and spleen). This is also being joined by the 3rd Eye that either sends an energy probe down there or just heads down there entirely as it seeks the intuition to resolve the cluster. 

What is the cluster? It’s inherited DNA 🧬 that needs to be identified, resolved, forgiven and released. This will heal not just you but also relatives from generations before you and this is why it is gathered on the left side as this is your past, past lives and inherited past memories. The trauma is often very old from generations back and was triggered in you as it was in those before you. It is part of your timeline but it doesn’t belong to you. Ask your ancestor spirits to show you this trauma in a dream so you can face it and forgive all involved in your version and the original trauma you’ve inherited. Most importantly you must forgive yourself for allowing this trauma to pass into your timeline and cause you hurt when it didn’t belong to you at all. 

I have noticed that the Throat Chakra and the Thyroid & Thymus are currently manifesting on the right side of the body . This is because this side of the auric field is the present or now. It is time to speak the hurt to release the hurt. Now this is a very complicated cluster of energies and and I’m meditating a melodic solution as quickly as I can and will post it as soon as I have the answer. For now you need to call out to you ancestor spirits to guide you. Then use the video above until you feel the release.

So after many hours of fighting to record a beautiful tune with a heavenly voice I surrendered to the Cosmic desire for a rougher vocal much to my chagrin. However when I went down to the beach afterwards, to release the collective energy, I was gifted with a palm pebble with a small imprint of a flower in it. Thanks Spirit.

Wassail Russell

7 Replies to “releasing ancestral clutter

  1. Thank you Russell as always perfect timing. I found the sound easy to listen to. It’s making sense of my dream last night which felt very old and deep. Yesterday was 9/9 here in Australia and I woke up with the message It’s the Final Countdown. My heart wanted to jump out and give you a hug and bless you for your generous gifts and support.
    With Love and Light Pamela

    1. That’s amazing Pamela. There’s a lot going on Cosmically just now. It will all soften by mid October. Thanks for sharing too

  2. Thank you Russell I did this again for second time today and could really feel the energy in my lower back and right hip I have also been having numbness at times in right arm.
    I so appreciate your generous gifts.
    Blessings to you

  3. Thank you so much Russell for your beautiful generosity. You are so very appreciated. This has been just amazing. Thank you again.

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