On the 28th January Venus will appear to pass by and kiss Neptune under the gaze of the Moon and this is going to be a huge releasing energy of deep deep emotions stuck in our livers, kidneys and spleen almost our entire lives. I know! Cosmic. So here a my video to explain just what’s occurring.

Here is the map of the heavens with the earth in the centre so you can see what the planets are doing in their clusters that I talked about in the video.

Just look at the empty houses of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Void space.

Mars is all alone in Sagittarius trying to sling shot a new golden energy into our roots to help us connect with the new emotional Earth Grid.

Then there is that cluster around the sun in Aqurius and Capricorn still. This is like a race of planets when viewed from the Earth. I love this app Planets 5.0 2019 Dana Peters. Please download this and start to witness the ballet above our heads.

The main feature though is the B7 chord in Pisces, Neptune, Venus & Moon with Gaia (Uranus) in Taurus. This is where the healing frequency lies. Its beautiful and reaches its peak on the 28th January 2020. The fact that three of these are in watery emotional Pisces is the key here. It’s time to lift it out people and end the pain of hiding from these old blockages.

The moon is yet to join the group but it will.

So the key planets are Neptune and Venus and how she is here to melt the darkness tapped in Neptune’s icy core. Your livers, kidneys and spleen. It’s shaping up to be an emotional time but a transformative moment of release and rebirth too.

So I trust you will all look deep into yourselves and find that trauma and bring it to the surface and see that without loving the pain, forgiving the pain and integrating that seed of discomfort you’ll not allow it to bloom into a flower of strength to move you forward. Go on… treat yourself to a little, massive self healing. You deserve it.

Wassail Russell

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