There’s something very strange going on – again! Recently in Sound Healing sessions, clients were presenting an absence of the upper spine’s frequency. It was rewiring to adapt to the extra Divine Feminine energies. The latest energy centre now behaving oddly made no sense at all. Especially as It has always been the easiest to balance but the back door to the Higher Heart is currently slammed shut.

Yes that’s right the Higher Heart. What!?! The Higher Heart. Even with all the compassion expanding celestial magic the Cosmos has been providing since the July eclipses. Even with the opening of the new energy channels of forgiveness. The Higher Heart is just not willing to open properly. The reason seems to be that the “great unstruck” Higher Heart is on a reboot. It’s not just affecting the heart it has made changes to the Throat chakra too.

So usually the Throat is a bugger to open, correct and balance, as most people seem to hide it in their armpit. But right now the Throat is willing and the Higher Heart is refusing. It would seem that integrating the Cosmic changes to the global energy, to include forgiveness requires speaking the truth!

This means that until you can get the truth off your chest you chest cavity will stay closed. Even the Lower Heart chakra is weakened too. Today I’ve recorded a vocal patch to try and wire this back in. I’ve been playing with various pitches but it requires the spine and nervous system and a smattering of the crown chakra to allow the energy to be supported. So here’s the melody for you all. Pop on your headphones and enjoy. Please leave a comment or a like on here as I love to know when these tunes help you.

All the chakras or 12 energy centres are attempting to eventually align with the higher frequencies that are awakening in many of us as part of the 12 strand realignment. This is creating four chords of three notes that will keep shifting and changing. Essentially there are 4 chakras that link to the current positions of the planets and heavenly bodies around us. This was a download I received weeks ago but it didn’t have clarity last tonight.

These chakra chords will change and develop as the Cosmic energies shift and the planets swing through the heavens. Hopefully I’ll know when they shift and be able to pass this on to you.

Wassail Russell

10 Replies to “let’s get to the heart of the matter – truthfully

  1. I could feel the vibration in my throat and high heart when listening to you. Awesome. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for listening and replying Vickie. So glad to hear that you connected with my tune

  2. Just listened to your chant and my whole throat chakra area jaw ears nose and chest still vibrating minutes after. Im really connecting with your message of getting things off our chest of speaking out and up. Many thanks and blessings Russell ❣️❣️❣️

  3. Thank you Russell I feel a rebalancing in my whole energy field and in the back of my heart.

    1. That’s fabulous Pamela. Especially that it’s in the back of the heart. That’s where the veil seems to be. It’s very odd but totally makes sense that the heart is misbehaving, kind of, as it reboots to include the forgiveness update

  4. I’ve been on a Russell sound healing marathon today. I feel great!! And it’s all your fault.
    Thank you Russell for sharing your beautiful gift with us. You are so very appreciated.

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