I hear from many clients and friends that they are feeling tired and listless. They are often experiencing discomfort too in their lower backs. There is something odd going on and it’s all to do with the upper spine. Directly after the Energy Shift on 5th Jan my spine started to buzz with electricity. This was fine and rather fun but in the last few days clients are turning up with no upper spine frequency at all. They present a complete absence of vibration from the solar-plexus. The lower spine frequency is there along with the cauda equina pitch of the nervous system. The tone of nervous system is still there in the upper body but the spine frequency is absent. The lower spine is present as this is dealing with Earth Energies and they are still anchored but this eclipse shift is rewriting the upper spinal vertebrae and they have temporarily dropped out. This is causing many odd symptoms.

It has been a bit of a wild goose chase to find a way to bring it back but I have settled on a tune that will achieve this. It involves the endocrine system, again! The other odd thing is that once the spine frequency returns it is sitting about 20cm further back and the auric field is much wider and louder. This is all part of the Gaia energy that is showering down and when I weave the tune back into the clients body it is so much clearer and louder. I suggest that if you don’t have a large loud speaker that you can allow to boom into your back that you sit with headphones on and enjoy the churning sea that I filmed today and let the sounds wash through you. Try to feel the visual energy of the sea to stir your soul to connect back in. 

There are harmonic frequencies in the song that will allow your light body to translate the sounds and correct any absence of the upper spine. This will help to bring back the proper energetic flow to the entire body. Experiencing a Sound Healing Session with me is a much more efficient method to reconnect these energies but for many around the world a trip to my studio in St. Leonards-on-Sea is not possible so I hope that this video will help. The Spine is a C#/Db and the Nervous System A#/Bb. These notes need to be wired in with B – G & D#/Eb all in old pitch that resonants with the auric field correctly.

Enjoy and Wassail


4 Replies to “I don’t feel fine – where’s my spine?

  1. This is a very cool page that I’ve just discovered and am excited to explore!

  2. My mate Gina recommended you as Ive been hunting for someone that knows the right frequencies to heal individual parts of the body. My ? is how do you come to decide the healthy spine vibrates in C/Db? Are you aiming to sing my upper spine to synch with these frequencies.
    Would love to know more as this information has been a quest for twenty years and Ive not found anything but scattergun gong baths. Im hoping Ive just found what Ive been stalking for so many years…….

    1. Hello Laura. I’ve spent three decades searching for patterns in the body’s frequencies. It seems the spine is C#/Db and the nervous system A#/Bb in all people. Yes the tune should help to reset the upper spine frequencies by wiring the energies of the endocrine system back in. Bolting them to the spine and then flowing to the chakras. I am often guided to the tunes and solutions as I meditate. I love a gong and singing bowls but I feel this vocal “sonic shower” offers a way to tailor the healing to each individual during their personal session. The video is a general fix-up to help those who can’t travel the my studio

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