I’ve recently been gifted with the knowledge of Grid Work. Grid Work is the ability to locate and shift Energy Lines and remove blockages that decrease the flow of good energy both in the natural world, buildings and homes. The planet is covered in a network of Energy Lines that link across the entire globe. These lines flow through streets and buildings and can cause blockages or even energy bleeds especially inside workspaces and homes. Some are natural Earth Energies but some are created by human interaction in spaces both inside and out. In workspaces and the the home we create personal networks that can sometimes flow out of whack and cause discomfort. Vortexes develop and from these flow radial energies that do not align with the natural flow of good energy. Through my psychic studies I have been able to use my Sound Healing technique to unlock the flow of up to 12 radial arms that a balanced vortex requires. This then allows the harmonious flow of energies in all directions bringing calm and wellbeing to a space. 

Vortex before it is fixed

Diving rods are first used to locate the network and flows of energies. These are then plotted out so that a new pathway can be created to remedy any problems or blockages. Smudging is then used to disrupt the flows. This is where my Native American great grandfather’s inheritance comes to the fore. Sage sticks or Palo Santo wood is used with all the doors and windows closed to fill the space with purifying smoke. Then all windows and doors are opened and the energy dissipates. I then use the voice to reset the radials of the energy vortexes and from those points the correct flow is reestablished. Tensions melt away as good energy circulates again. Any bleeds are locked off and sealed which creates a pure flow of positive energy once more. Many energies have been festering for many decades even centuries. 

Lightning strikes and storms can disrupt the natural flow too and often these need resetting or the energy might start to misbehave and create discord. Using sound to ground the flow is an extremely efficient method of realigning Earth Energies and collective energy traumas. Many energy traumas are very old indeed but some are more recent and still hang about causing disruptions. This can allow all kinds of unwanted feelings and memories to keep resonating. By clearing and resetting the flow, calm and balance is restored to the area. This calm and balance will only last as long as the inhabitants or users of the space don’t allow fear or anxiety to resurface. This is especially difficult to maintain in places where the public flow in and out all bringing their own energies into play over and over again. I am now available to clear workspaces and homes. 


This usually takes about two hours. The space is plotted and then cleansed with smudge sticks or palo santo wood. Then I am able to work with my voice to reset the flow and return the space to calm harmony. Are you living in a space that feels uncomfortable? Perhaps you recently moved house and feel that the last people to live there have left their energies or traumas? Maybe you are trying to sell your home and want to create that final calming energy to help you get a quicker sale? Sound Healing can help you to get harmony and wellbeing into any environment. This service costs £150. 


Workspaces. The spaces where we work are filled with electronic tools that emit frequencies and electromagnetic fields that can become overwhelming. This work varies in time depending on the size of the space, the number of people who regularly use the environment and the amount of computers, TVs and phones. If the public use the space it can take even longer to break up and clear the energies with Sage Smudge Sticks or Palo Santo, before I can heal the area. Environmental energies are plotted out and then the space is cleansed with smoke. This can help workers to feel more at ease while in the workspace. Create greater comfort in which to work and encourage harmony among colleagues. Prices for this Space Clearance vary so please contact me for a quote. 

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  1. Wow I just ordered my first set of diving rods after reading the aquafarion post it stuck my soul not quite sure how to use these do you have another post going into more detail?

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