I’m so exciting people. Yes finally I’m ready to unleash the magic that is my vocal sound healing technique again for all to try. The Sonic Shower is flowing again and it’s ready to cleanse those that need to balance their minds, bodies and spirits. I’ve fairy-dusted down my magic hands and opened up my voice and body to let the tones flow once more. And the new healings are going so well and it’s a joy to be able to facilitate all kinds of positive changes in others again. It’s taken me a long time to heal myself first but it feels great to be back.

As you can see I’ve had a logo created and I’m making my way back to St. Leonards-on-Sea. I’m just finalising a studio space and then you can all form an orderly queue to feel the warm wonder of the vocal sonic shower.

Where will my studio be? Somewhere lovely on the sea.

Still working our way through the chakras and musical pitches here we will continue with the celestial energies we started with the F# of the higher heart chakra earlier. Remember these energies enter the body through the head and pass down to the chest. This new pitch will still resonate and amplify in the chest but the focus will now be in the THROAT. This is G# of the Throat Chakra. This is blue energy and this is the place where we focus and create our voices. The sound of us. Our unique tonal DNA. This is communication and where the majesty of the singing voice is created. It is a place of purity, of absolute truth. This is where our personal truth begins and it is by speaking honestly from the heart that we make our words matter. Speak honestly and you will speak with purity.

I am a bit shit at lying and I blurt out the truth too readily. However this means that I haven’t suffered with a sore throat for over 30 years. While I like to imagine that this is some super human immune system or as a result of my lifelong deep belly breathing, in truth I believe that it stems from speaking honestly from the heart. Then tones purity in the voice and I don’t mean singing like an angel, which obviously I do all the time, but speaking truthfully from the soul. Speaking the truth often gets me into trouble. I fear being asked for my opinion as I find it so difficult to lie and it has been my job to advise pop stars and singers how to perform at their best so I have to be honest of I would be dishonestly earning my keep. This is why I am the best voice coach in the business. See that’s beautifully honest of me too. However all too often I can upset others with the truth as I understand it as the truth can be a huge leveller. I find lying very problematic. I’m a grown-up so I can always process any truth told to me but lying distresses me to my core as it is so unnecessary and childish. I don’t understand why people need to lie as it only ends up hurting people more as it is a deceit. A secret humiliation. So I advise you all to seek and speak the truth always. Don’t build a mountain of lies you can’t later climb.

Lima, Péru

The absolute perfectionist in me is also hyper critical in the pursuit of excellence. I don’t believe in giving poor performances or poor performance evaluations as this is rude and unhelpful. Practise, edit, refine and prepare all creative endeavours. Do not leave things to chance. I say that with an honest heart so don’t then ask me for an opinion if you aren’t prepared for the honest truth as an answer. There’s only so many times you can say something was ‘remarkable’ before you are rumbled so I don’t do that. I often avoid performances now as I find there is a great deal of shoddy stuff out there. It’s great that people are happy and creative but I really am only interested in art with a soul and absolutely striving for perfection in performance. However on this blog I do try not to edit myself as much as I possibly can so there will be mistakes in my rambling text. Look at me contrary Kate!

Trujillo Péru

The throat is blue electrical energy the 5th element of Spirit. The note G in the shoulders is also Spirit but that is the Gateway Spirit to the Invisible World. I shall write more about that after the 7 major chakra points.I believe that so many people suffer with sore throats because they don’t speak their truth often enough. This then buggers up their vocal energy flow. This then struggles to rotate properly and the stability of the chakra collapses and “BINGO!” the throat energy restricts and soreness creeps in. Or they loose their voice entirely. Dead vocal energy is not a good thing.

Peruvian art

As with F# I have created a sheet to help you to choose ways of supporting your healing and energy production around the G# Throat Chakra. I have again left some blanks and would be honoured to receive help from all you wonderful people out there. Come on folks help me to fill this in by either emailing me below or messaging me on Twitter or Instagram. I really do love hearing from you all. Together we can learn so much more

The Sanskrit word for the Throat Chakra is Vishuddha meaning pure. This month I have been having so many pure thoughts. My focus has been to manifest many new influences for the new year. I have used the G# pitch to resonate these requests aloud. I sit and tone the note as a hum in my throat and chest.

I write a list of all the things I desire to change in my life. I then sing them into form. Beginning with that which is no longer needed. I voice it and release it. Then it is time to pull the Celestial Energy down deeply to the pink higher heart in the chest and pull the Earth Energy up to the  green lower heart in the chest too. This meeting of the two energy snakes is the process of combining the Kundalini Energy. I will talk more about this too later. It is a very overwhelming experience and one that takes huge control. For now I have been keeping my two snakes separate to allow my focus on my New Year’s Manifestations. Most importantly is drawing my new studio space to me so I can continue my healing work. It’s coming and I will post news of its arrival soon. 

Beloved St. Leonards-on-Sea

There are naturally planets that tie in with each Chakra and for the throat we have Saturn. Saturn gets a bum deal usually as the strict old man or teacher but Saturn is there to focus us on the truth. It helps us to focus inwards and find spiritual advancement. It is about seeking an inner peace and voicing that sense of calm to achieve just rewards. Saturn is about maturity and wisdom. Allow Saturn to speak through you to add depth and thought to all that you say.

Cosmic Blue

Online there is a lot of talk about negative energy spots on the global chakra maps. I am uncomfortable with dissing the area in Mali as negative as this seems to come from negative thought process itself that hints at racism. The Dogon tribe were opened to a special energy flow so unique and individual that for me points to them living in the area of wondrous energy. There is that current feeling that any unique cultures should be overlooked or undermined to negate their impact. Many cultures start out as oral traditions and their knowledge and learnings are passed through the ages by word of mouth. The voice. This ancient Dog culture has survived in the face of many attempts to assimilate them into other cultures or religions yet their oral traditions survive. Think of the wonderful and vast collection of literature and books in Timbuktu. The written word has often been used as a weapon to suppress oral traditions of to document them incorrectly. Propaganda is often written down and yet the Dogon survive. I believe that the throat chakra of the world is centred around Mali and Burkina Faso. But I could be wrong too. I have however run pendants across maps and I feel certain that the voice box of the world is in Africa and to me it seems to be with the Dogon. I’m beginning to see a pattern of the Earth Chakras being negated to stop the joy and flow from leaking out too successfully and helping humanity. What better way of stopping humanity from finding its true voice than to say the area is a dangerous negative space. Clever misdirection.

Paracas Péru

Blue skies are everywhere and in St. Leonards-on-Sea we also have the sea and the infinite shades of blue are exceptionally healing for not just the throat but the entire mind, body and spirit. I love to sit and drink in the blue of the sky and water. It is so calming.

Hastings East Hill and heron gull with blue sky

Music Keys and Chords

Musical pitch and how chords, keys and harmonies create emotional responses without us stopping to understand why or what they are stirring exactly. 

E major is a bright crisp almost martial key/chord. It shouts with the strongest of all the chakras, E the solar-plexus with electrical G# of the throat and cosmic laser B of the crown chakra. All these three notes seem like a sunny out of body experience. It is the heat of the sun racing through the cosmos to bring things to life. By dropping the G# down a semitone to G for E minor and that brightness remains but the G now echos with a shadow from the realm of the dead. A triumphalism in death. The bridge to Valhalla when victory is tinged with sadness.

G# major is known as Ab major. This bright electrical throat note is rooted and cleansed by the addition of the C or the Root and Eb of the Liver, Kidneys & Spleen. This is a very physical key/chord with a sharp, scouring, cleansing structure that demands order. And Ab minor with its B of the cosmos becomes a very unstable key/chord that has an ethereal floating quality that requires resolution. 

C#/Db major is a very alive key with the C# of the spine and nervous system, the E#/F of the lower heart natural world and the talkative G#/Ab of the throat. This is the energy of the animal kingdom. The perpetually alert flight or fight mode. This key bristles with nervous desires. The minor chord which includes the E removes the natural world emotion and replaces it with the anxiety of the human spirit. This minor key/chord can be very unsettling. 

As you will begin to understand I love food and feel that what you eat is essential to your well being. I don’t believe in calorie counting or food denial except that I only munch on plant based foods. I was vegetarian for almost three decades and removed dairy and eggs last June. I have never felt so good. Blue foods are not the most common of foods though blue corn chips are fun. Needing soothing drinks for sore throats has always been high on my agenda as a voice coach and so I offer two options here. 

The moon over Hastings Castle

Pineapple is an excellent anti-inflammatory soothing fruit but I needs to be fresh. It contains Bromelain which reduces swelling. Bromelain is only found in pineapples and is now being extracted and emulsified into a cream to treat serious skin burns to enormous effect. For sore throats it must be fresh. It is best to cut single slices and suck the juice a little at a time to calm the throat. Do not cut and prepare the entire pineapple as this will cause oxidisation and lessen the effect. I am not a fan of pineapple chunks in tins but also in plastic tubs. These are prepared and sealed in the country the pineapple is harvested in as pineapple ferments so readily. So cut a slice and then place it cut surface down on a small plate and keep in a fridge and then have more each time the soreness of your throat demands. 

Honey, ginger and lemon is an age old cure that works a treat. It can also be prepared without the ginger if you find it too peppery. I recommend squeezing the lemons into a pan along the the slices of ginger and water. Dump the unwaxed lemon halves in too and bring to a boil and simmer for about 5 minutes. This adds the lemon oils from the skin into the curative drink and makes the flavour less sharp and aggressive. Strain into a cup and add honey to taste. Vegans will have to use agave syrup or fruit syrup. Honey is a wonderful soother and it is possible to purchase ethically sourced honey where they only harvest that which the bees have not used in over the winter. I know this is contentious and it is why I define myself as eating a plant based diet. If you’re too lazy to make your own and are in Hastings the Hill & Coultier make this rather lovely elixir.

The third throat elixir is Blue Energy Water. This is easy to create. Take a blue glass bottle and fill it with water and leave it in the sunshine so that the frequency of the glass changes the water. Blue being the opposite light energy of red is excellent for calming tender throats.

Not quite Blue Solar Water but beautiful filtration system in blue cupboards

So take a look at my G# crib sheet and let me know about any crystals, flowers, foods, mantras, words, places, ideas that you might use to open or heal your throat chakras. And if you want to help me get ahead of the game then I’m doing A next, the Third Eye so email me any ideas you have for that too. A is of course the first note and the primal scream in the creation of everything so OMMMMMMMMM people. Very loudly!!!

Chat me up people

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