Let’s start learning about the chakras and the 12 notes of the chromatic scale. The 7 major chakras have a single pitch each except the heart chakra which has two. F and F#. This is because the heart is the energy horizon of the body. Our earth bound kundalini energy rises from the Earth through our root and up our body to the chest or heart chakra. This earth bound energy is the lower heart energy and is green. It stands for the natural world and all the green of flora and fauna all around us. It is our love for the natural world that is created by the sum of all the earth bound energies of the trees, plants and animals all around us.

My trip to  Sacsayhuamán.

The remaining 4 notes relate to other organs or our nervous system. We will look at each of the notes in detail and how they relate to chords and keys and all the other supplementary things we can use alongside the vocal toning to help get our chakras spinning in harmony with each other. To start we will begin with the 8 notes of the major chakra energy centres.

We will begin with the celestial energies that enter or corporal flesh through the head and down to the chest. And the most important if we are going to sings is to get the chest resonating warmly and fully with as little effort as possible. This starting note of all vocal healing and sound meditation used to create the Sonic Shower is the F# of the higher heart chakra. This is pink and this is the place where we generate our love for others and animals. It is the seat of compassion and affection. It is the place in our hearts where we search for the part of ourselves in others so that we might reach out with kindness and patience to everyone we meet and understand that we are not so different at all. That we are all one in truth.

Firstly we will need to relax our neck and learn to breath deeply. So I will remind you of my earlier post on deep breathing for health. Once you have chilled into this exercise we are almost ready to begin humming the F# of the higher heart chakra. But first I want you to try and yawn a few times. Notice how the tongue drops down the throat. This is essential if you are going to learn to tone your voice gently into your throat without the muscles at the front of the neck at the base from getting involved and stopping the voice from gently accessing your chest. When you play a guitar the string itself makes a small sound. It is the hollow wooden body of the sounds that creates the warm and acoustically richer and amplified sound of the instrument we love. Our lungs are a great big hollow space for air and so they are our sound box. Our woofer speakers. So at the lowest octave in your voice hum an F# and place your hand on your chest and feel for the chest resonating with the tone of the unstruck heart chakra.

It’s a warm and satisfying sensation. Feel the vibrations expand into all of your chest. The lungs, ribs, muscles and back. When the voice is soft and your shoulders and arms relaxed you will even feel the sound pass down into your hands. This can be quite hard to achieve but it is the Great Unstruck.

F# Crib Sheet

For each of the twelve pitches I will be creating a sheet to help you to choose ways of supporting your healing and energy production. I have however left some blanks that I would love help from all you wonderful people out there, to fill in. I could look them up and type random selections in but I want to know why they are good for healing specific areas so email me either below or message me on Twitter or Instagram. I really love hearing from you all.

Vinček the human crow up a tree

So the Sanskrit word Anahata means Great Unstruck and this weekend I had the pleasure of teaching my HengeBro Vinček how to practice the Sonic Shower Sound Healing technique here in Hastings. He is from Czechia and he taught me that Slavic languages are very old and very connected to Sanskrit. Nahata in Slavic means “Unmovable” like the unstruck heart chakra. I love learning patterns and links in languages. So if you look at the Meditation Thoughts you will see the spiritual guidance behind the Higher Heart Chakra. You will find Flowers and Crystals that link to the healing and opening of the heart energy.

There are also planets that tie in with each Chakra and for the heart we have Venus and the Moon. When Pythagorus went and stayed in Ancient Egypt he was taught the Music of the Spheres. This mathematical vibrational perfect is said to exist in the heavens or cosmos. He was also taught that the Perfect 4th is the building block of the Universe. Perfect 4ths, 5ths & octaves do sing and ring out with a perfection of immense beauty. Most major and minor intervals wobble and vibrate together in a way less perfect than the 4ths. Indian Ragas and early greek tetrachord music that was played on the early 4 string Lyres are often built around perfect 4ths and the human voice loves to naturally jump in 4ths. As do the magical harmonic frequencies that we will learn to resonate later. So lets climb into this pink truck and go drive to some pink places that resonate with the heart chakra.

Pink truck

Pink skies can be witnessed in many places at many times but there is something about the dusk light in Venice that is especially pink. Even the old Morano glass street lamps are tinted palest pink to highlight and blend with the many pink nights there. And everyone feel the romance of the city with the emotional waters floating all around. See a place you adore flooded with pink light and hold this place in your mind’s eye as you hum the F# of the heart.

Venetian Sunset seen from the Lido

The place that most folk seem to associate with the Earth’s Heart Chakra though is Stonehenge. Glastonbury & Shaftesbury. I must say that while singing to the stones I did notice that they prompted me to tone an F# and when I did my feet shook with the vibration there. It was so very strong that I felt even a small hum was like a fog horn. What places can you show me that are brimming with pink or heart energy? I’ll add them here with your permission people.

The Old Henge of Stones – Earth’s Heart Chakra

Music Keys and Chords

Musical pitch and how chords, keys and harmonies work is a very deep and vast subject that has endless possibilities. I want to help you to understand the basic chords and keys and which will help you heal what and why. I am convinced that the standing waves hidden in rooms affects our bodies, minds and spirits by amplifying certain energies. So healing a heart condition in a room that is tunes to the stomach might not aid a speedy recovery. I did try to find a university that would let me explore this notion as an MMus but I didn’t have much luck with them. So I tried writing to several sound specialists in science departments but they never wrote back. So for now I have given up trying to find someone to listen to my theories but I’m certain I’m onto something huge for all hospitals and healing.

D major is a deeply emotional and personal key/chord. It resonates the D sacral – F# heart – A 3rd Eye as chakra energies. These are the sacral chakra, place where we hold our identity and emotions about ourselves – the heart chakra where we love others and the 3rd eye which is about clarity of understanding. D minor is similar but the F# becomes the F of the lower Green heart chakra. Nature. A pastoral key.

F# major is an emotionally bright but edgy nervous kind of love that has no D to root it to the self. F# major is the F# heart along with the A# & C# of the spine & nervous system. This make F# a very tingly key with many little twitches and spasms throughout the entire body. It can put people on edge. F# minor is very similar but it has less of a pelvic floor without the A#. With the A of the 3rd Eye F# minor is still unsettling but there is a sense of understanding a mystery too. Not explained but understood.

B major This is a very bright key that has the cosmic laser of the B in your crown with the detoxifying D# of the liver, kidneys & spleen all smudge in with the loving F# heart. This is not a very personal key. It is a key that demands attention. B minor has the D# flattened to a D making this a deeply religious chord/key. It’s about the messages of love for yourself and other seen through the prism of the cosmos.

These singing bowls are a great way to get pitch. They also tend to be a tad flatter than the A=440hz that modern music is tuned to. Old pitch that locks into the flesh is about 8hz lower. When using old pitch small children will all sing not just in tune but also all in the same key. However a word of advice to those who like a little Dutch courage before singing. Alcohol and tuning are not friends. It might give you a bit of confidence you lack but you will sing flat. Your flesh will be heavier and you will find your voice locking into the flesh and your tuning dropping. If you need alcohol to perform you are doing it wrong. Practise sufficiently enough to know that nothing is left to chance and then you will not need the stabilisers.

You can also of course look at the foods you are eating too. This dish is a meal for both parts of the heart with the greens of the kale and leeks and the pinks of the onions, salad onions and peanuts served over stick black miso ginger rice . When I host or attend retreats as a guide I feel it is vitally important to think about the colours of the foods we consume daily to help get the most out of a week where we can focus on a chakra each day.

So my wonderfully curious readers take a look at my crib sheet and let me know about any crystals, flowers, foods, mantras, words, places, ideas that you might use to open or heal the heart chakra. And if you want to help me get ahead of the game then I’m doing G# next. The throat chakra so feel free to email me any tips for that too. Have fun people and OMMMMMMMMM!

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  1. Enjoying your insights and words. I play heaps of flutes from many cultures including orchestral flute & piccolo and the healing american indian flutes, arabic and gyspsy scales. Just heard a friend’s gypsy F# wooden flute and it gave me goosebumps all over. He makes many wooden flutes, mostly american indian in minor pentatonic in 432 hz for being the old pitch too. That’s what made me google for F# healing and I found your site. I have a low E American Indian flute and a number of people say they can feel their lower back healing when I play that instrument. Happy Notes, Good Vibes and Healing Energy Sandy 🙂

    1. Thank-you so much Sandy. Keep up the joyfulness of 432hz. I love hearing about how music is touching the lives of other people around the globe. I have an American Indian/Native American great grandfather so I love hearing about their varied cultures, artefacts and instruments. The tone, pitch and timbre of various instruments will affect people in many different ways but having feedback is an absolute joy. Maybe someday I might get to experience you playing your flute. Keep blowing and keep healing people.

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