There’s an awful lot going on in the skies just now. July was a car crash month for many who slammed on the brakes to avoid the pile up of retrograde planets that was strewn across the Cosmic Highway!!!!! And breathe. It’s all nearly cleared up and Sirius has started beaming down its annual magic flow of cosmic rays that marked the start of the Ancient Astrological Year, when the Nile Delta flushed its waters wide to bring new life to back to the lands so that food might grow. Sirius is now visible above the Great Pyramids and this brightest of stars is singing directly into the souls of those who are open to receive. 

The eclipses were all about balancing the flow of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies across the globe. The influx of the Gaia energy makes me feel that this Lion Gateway Portal is more of a Lioness Gateway Portal this year. The raw aggressive masculine energy of the Earth Grid is diminishing but before the Divine Feminine energy can begin to exchange places with this Age of Pisces frequency we must first upgrade the old warring Male Energy so that it becomes the Divine Male energy. This must take place before the Divine Feminine Gaia Ray can swap places and fully anchor the Age of Aquarius in place in the heart of the Earth. 

I have spent the entire last month in endless Shadow Work to stretch my soul wider for a new spiritual journey. The Tarot Card of Strength has been my soul stretching guide all month. Learning to expand the extremes of the High Priestess and the Magician via a new pathway of the Fool during my Hermit month. 2-0-1-9. Strength is the Maiden and the Beast. It has been essential to my soul’s growth to seek to seek the fury of my Divine Male so that I could face my demons and learn to accept and control them with love and compassion of my Divine Gaia force. It has been a long and difficult struggle daily but I am through this Hermit period and I am back out the other side and fully energised and ready for my new tasks as the Magician with the Divine Male energy of the Magi fully charged with love, Ace of Cups and in balance with the Divine Gaia, The High Priestess. Let the new journey begin.

In my New Moon Pathway Predictions I spoke to Lightworkers about stepping up and working with the Earth Grid to begin this healing process. Now I would like to reach out to the Blue Ray beings of the Lost Monad Ray. Many of you have suffered isolation and confusion your entire lives wondering why you volunteered to come down to Earth as your missions have seemed vague, troublesome and draining. This ends now, as the Lost Monad Ray frequency is now established in the Earth Grid and you can begin your divine purpose to flood the matrix with the special frequencies you hold within your DNA so that the Earth can be recharged.

There has been much confusion as to the nature of this Blue Monad Ray partly because the colours resonating in your auras. These have been misleading everyone to the true nature of your abilities. Most of you will know that your auric field is mainly deep blue, orange and violet and so many have naturally assumed that the Lost Ray, not seen on Earth, is blue. Even your Starseed group name suggests this to be true but blue light already exists here on Earth. If you look at a rainbow you will see it clearly present. So if Blue isn’t missing what is? 

There is a beautiful secret hidden within each of you. You already know that you can create and hold the Violet Flame within you and many of you have been using this to heal yourselves and others. This is a wonderful gift but this is only half of the picture. Your true Cosmic mystical magic is that you are able to transmute this flame into the true missing energy frequency of the Paradise Ray. 

This is the light frequency used by Gaia at the creation of all life. Melchizedek and the legions of Aquafarions are the keepers of this Paradise Ray that links the Earth Grid into the 5D frequencies. The true nature of this Monad Ray is aquamarine. The Melchizedek energy archetype is now available to all Blue Ray beings to step into and utilise. I suggest a little study into Melchizedek will assist you in this quest. He does after all love higher learning and this energy cloak will invigorate your energy levels and help to cleanse you.

Learning to transmute the Violet Flame into the Aquamarine Flame of Gaia is your new task. How exciting. This is achieved through holding the Violet Flame inside your Sacral Energy centre and drawing up the Golden Flame though your root chakra from the Earth. “But the root chakra is red.” I hear you tut. Please don’t tut at me. It triggers old wounds from childhood. Here’s the science bit.

The Seven chakras are really eight as the heart has two. The Lower Heart is an Earth Energy and is the familiar green energy of our connection to the natural world. The Higher Heart is the pink energy of love for others and is drawn in through the crown. This is pink. However with the Sound Healing work I do I understand that there are twelve energy centres that resonate throughout our bodies and auric field in the 3D frequencies. Since the shift on the 5th of July we are now more able to begin to utilise all twelve energy centres as four chords of three notes each. These are the four chakras of the 5D light-body. I say this as I often see additional chakras above the crown. I am led to understand that these are for a time much further in the future when the physical body begins to fade as the light body takes over. 

So the Root chakra in the 5D frequency is gold and the Heart chakra aquamarine. While standing up open two pools of golden light by circling your hands by your sides. Feel the grounding energy of the Divine Male force rise up your arms and spread into your chest. When you begin to feel this flow visualise the two pools joining together beneath your feet as one single column rising up from the Earth and allow the golden light to move up your legs and throughout your physical body. 

If you can, allow your hands to now draw in water energy. I like to draw on the sea’s power to increase my strength during this ritual transmutation. I open my hands and allow the energy of the sea to flood in through my palms to power up my entire being. Water is the Akashic memory of everything that has been and is the great cleanser. Water is throughout our bodies and is in the air as moisture and falls as rain to nourish all things. It has passed through us and is part of us and covers more of the land than we can see. What better energy to herald the Age of Aquarius than the symbol the Star Sign is about. Become the water bearer.

Once you body is full of the mix of Earth and Water energies it is time to ignite the violet flame in the seat of your emotions, the second chakra. This is the Divine Feminine and is drawn down through the Crown chakra. It passes the Higher and Lower Heart chakras to the Sacral.

Feel the warmth in your belly and picture the chakra spinning ever faster. This increasing rotation is the alchemical force that is required so that it can lift the violet flame to the frequency of the Aquamarine Flame. Cool and gentle is will begin to grow inside you. 

Now focus on deep breathing which draws in air, and you will have the power of all four elements in the body. Now you are ready for the next step, to create an orb of the Lost Monad Ray from within your chest. Use your hands to form it by allowing it to flow along your arms to your palms as well as directly out of the chest. Then release the magic into the Earth to join the grid and charge up Earth’s magic. Or simply enjoy the Paradise Ray transforming you as it energises every cell in your body. Or use it as a healing frequency for others. Pour this energy into plants or animals. Go wild and share it with all of Nature. The Nature of this ray is pure love, compassion and forgiveness. It is this new energy of forgiveness that is pouring through the Lioness Gateway Portal right now.

This really is the missing joy and purpose that many Blue Ray beings have been searching for. Don’t panic or worry if you struggle to achieve this transformative activation it will come and it’s not a race or competition to get there before others. It is your hidden gift and for some it will remain quite hidden still. Everything has its time. Some will need to go on an inner journey of understanding to balance their Divine Masculine and Feminine before this will be achieved. Just relax and enjoy. Then get going with some Grid Work.

To read about my Grid Work services please visit my Grid Work & Energy Space Clearance page

This is the method that has been shown to me but there will be other ways if you ask for the wisdom. I share this now as I was told that many Blue Rays are feeling left behind or lost during this Starseed activation time. The clue is in the question. Lost was always the purpose of your pathway. You are the keepers of the Lost Ray and it requires age and wisdom to understand this Paradise Frequency and to work with it. However here is a lost and hidden gift that awaits activation so you can shine. I hope you can all enjoy finding it within you and working with it. 

The portal is now open and will peak on the 8th of August (8/8) and close again four or five days later but the Lost Ray is forever once found.

Wassail Russell

I forgot to add an image of this crystal I bought yesterday to help me focus on the Aquamarine Flame. Pacific Blue-Green Opal. It’s like a piece of the flame or frozen ocean. I love it, except it kept waking me up last night with odd dreams. All good but very odd.

9 Replies to “blue rays & the lioness gate portal

  1. Powerful stuff!!! Makes total sense of what the hell has been going on these past few weeks in the underworld. Thank you for your blazing light and clarity and wisdom! LOVE the merman pic. Your Tree of Life sesh was revelatory and I now feel all sorts of scattered frequencies redistributing in a more balanced way after spending some time in your cosmic healing den. THANK YOU! Next time – a new and full moon later – bring on the Russel G sharp and a full old sound healing blast. Can’t wait!
    and that blue green opal is AMAZING….

    1. Thanks beautiful Zoë. It was blissful meeting you, reading for you and sharing life with you. Have a wonderful trip and hurry back for all 12 tones and some harmonic magic

  2. Great article, I completely understand this. My aura was dark blue/violet with a speck of yellow/orange during sleep times and after activating few years ago it turned completely aquamarine and apple green. I’m completely activated but right now working on something I meant to produce for a year, now the right timing is up. I also automatically am doing the energy work you so beautifully described with your pictures, it looks like dancing and it’s very effective, also have memories of communication with Melchizedek and Thoth as a child. I still notice their presence. Grid work definitely is important now.
    Thanks love for sharing and putting all that work in your article.

    1. Oh wow Sabrina. That is so beautiful. I too had blues, orange and violet in my aura but the aquamarine has switched on now too because as you say it’s time now for this activation. This missing ray will be getting stronger now and will begin to feature more and more in people’s work through healing of people, animals, plants and the Grid. Exciting times

    2. I just posted a reply but it failed to upload. I will give it a few hours and reply again to your wonderful message

  3. Thank you this really resonates with me and I have been feeling like trying to choose between blue and green so much this last few months. Love the crystal-I have a beautiful aquamarine opal pendant and a ring that call to me for their colour and vibration.

    1. Oh wow. That’s amazing that you already have the colour you need around you. Beautiful. Thank-you for sharing

  4. My dear after reading this earlier today I have seen so much aqua color. I felt something deep was stirring in me and I have never felt I fit in anywhere a lost soul . I pulled an oracle card to help me connect yo my soul self it was the mermaid soul # 33 . This card spoke to me so deeply confirming all you have said. I have always had an infinity to Melchezadek but could not connect the dots.

    I woke up this morning and was reminded of my larimar necklace to wear. I have chills and tears running down my face . Spirit sent you to me today thank you so much this means everything to me. . I also have had the deepest need to be in the water noting else will satisfy now. Bless you dearest soul kin.

    1. This is such a beautiful message Patty. I am so touched and moved reading your comments. What an amazing answer you have received from your guides. I live by the sea and I just want to be in it ALL the time. It makes me feel comforted and loved. Enjoy the Aquamarine Ray that I’m certain is within you. Woohoo

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