So this eclipse at 19:22UTC on Friday 10th January 2020 feels like it’s been in the planning for about a year. It feels like a time warp has been occurring since the solar eclipse at the close of 2019 and that the true flow of 2020 hasn’t begun yet. Which has been a blessing as it’s given me time to go deep inside me and inside the hidden spaces between realms to understand the energies and the tales that are forming as 2020 finally starts properly with this Divine Feminine lunar eclipse and Gaia (Uranus) also sliding direct after so long. Whoop! 

I am feeling a tad frazzled and this bothers me as I always feel energised with spirit but I’ve packed an entire year into a fortnight to help us all understand what’s happening this year. I’ve shed all my last layers of DNA trauma and personal Karma to allow me to pass through a personal frequency portal to a new energy flow. I’ve pick up a new guide who is here to smooth the way forward into my new shiny future. I’ve learned to sense and feel the auric field of a cello.

I’ve witnessed the dreams of others and acted as a guide for them in the astral realm. I’ve kissed a future soulmate there too so I would understand the shifting emotions that we are all to experience as this year closes. I’m just gonna say Tantric Sex and leave it at that. Its been an extremely cosmic fortnight. If you want to know more then settle down and enjoy this 90 minute video of the year ahead for those willing to search their souls.

Spiritual Journey Wheel 2020

Phew that was some lengthy spread people. Now lets focus on this moon and the eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse 10th January 2020

My lunar eclipse series of videos begins rather oddly at the statue of Edith Swan Neck and King Harold who lost the Battle of Hastings. I know… why!?! We’ll take a look and you’ll soon see what the message was.

Beach Pebble Astrology

Next up it was time for a class in pebble astrology. This video has proved very helpful in understanding the planetary energies at play during the eclipse. It’s almost like the entire cosmos is battling with the moon. It’s not quite true as there are choir of emotional energies working on some very deep and icy blockages. The planetary alignments are always pulling at our bodies as well as the Earth itself.

Setting Intentions and Karma Clearing

Intentions and those pesky Babylonian Gates of Ishtar, animal spirit gatekeepers and shedding all your karma to move on. Just a few little things haha. This video is about how nothing is isolated. Everything is connected if we choose to view things that way.

Having Found the Sounds of the Eclipse

What do the energies sound like as chords and why are they making us feel troubled. It’s the cluster of Karmic Lords in Capricorn pulling on the Lower Heart and the Sacral. Yet there is a beautiful harmonious chord to the right just waiting to melt your hearts.

So the important planet, frequency and emotion is personal to each of us but is hidden deep in the frequency of Neptune. 

How To Praise the Moon and Manifest its Magic

Finally we have creating magic and ritual. How to get the most from this lunar eclipse by giving thanks for things we are releasing and setting our intentions for the things we wish to create by the solar eclipse on midsummers day. 

Wassail Russell

So looking forward to sleeping again now and having a wee break after this and allowing all my intentions to flow towards me. Enjoy your eclipse magic too.

2 Replies to “2020 and the moon magic starts now

  1. That was an exhausting but exhilarating read Russell. I wish I could get my head around most of it! I’ve got a poorly mum in hospital so fingers crossed there’s some good energy around. Bless you Russel, love your updates so much.

    1. Oh Emma I am so sorry I always hope to be clear my dad is off to hospital too so let’s have some emotional healing head to them both xx

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