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Once again we would like to thank all of you who have been part of this magical journey exploring the runes to create this magical deck. It has been an honour and a privilege working together exploring all the collective emotions, ideas, life stories, mythologies, supernatural connections and the endless magic.

From all the team in Our Collective Oracle – We truly love you all.

There are two new PDFs to download for free at the bottom of this page. Enjoy the oncoming Liffruma.

Get Your Mouth Round The Words

A quick guide to those pesky letters in the rune-cards and other mouth help. It’s best to just say the words how they feel comfortable and enjoy the rune names in your own accent.

We cannot be sure of any pronunciation back in the day, especially as there were so many regional variations. There was also a ‘great vowel shift’ that transformed English words all across Britain.

Oh and words that end with a vowel were seemingly sounded separately. So ‘Sunstede’ would have three syllables not two: Sun-sted-e.

Please just have fun seeing the wonderful characters that have been lost from most languages. The Icelandic language rocks for keeping some of those lost letters alive. Here is a guide that might help or indeed hīnder you. 


C c = K or hard ‘c’ as in cat – 6 Cēn = Cane

G g  Up for grabs. Could be ‘g’ as in gut or germ or ‘j’ as in judge or ‘y’ as in yes – 7 Gyfu (choose what suits you)

Þ þ = th Unvoiced ‘th’ as in thorn – 3 Þorn = Thorn

Ð ð = th Voiced th, as in the – 23 Ēðel = Ay-thel

W w is double ‘u’ not ‘w’ like super but longer, like suuper – So card 8 Wynn = ooynn

Pesky Vowels

Remember we can’t be certain how any vowels were sounded back then.

Ā ā Open clean long ‘a’ as in radical but you linger on its sound – So card 5 Rād = Raaad

Æ æ Either a short ‘a’ as in cat or ‘a’ as fast slide from ‘a’ to ‘e’ aether – so card 26 Æsc = A-eesk

Ē ē Like blending ‘eh’ with ‘ay’ as in may and mention – So card 12 Gēr = Jair

Ī ī Long ‘e’ like in see – So card 28 Īor = EE-yore

Ō ō Like saying the name of the letter ‘O’ itself, as in so – So card 4 Ōs = O-s

Ö ö Like ‘oh’ as in box – So Þögn in card 10 poem = Thoh-gn

Ū ū Like ‘oo’ as in cool – So card 68 Ūle = Oo-le

Ú ú Long ‘u’ as is lute – So card 2 Úr = Ooor

ȝ = y Called ‘Yogh’ as in yoghurt – So card 16 Siȝel = See-yall or Seal Y y Short ‘i’ like in it

Ymir in Card 9 poem = i(t)meer (the ’t’ is silent)

ȳ like the name for the letter ‘i’ or eye – So card 10 Nȳd = Neye-d

Liffruma Mythology Key

In preparing this deck many mythologies were scoured for references. Many details are blurred or disputed across the sources. We used channelled messages to settle upon a mythology for the Liffruma Healing Oracle Deck that would better serve the purpose of interpreting the stories for a new age.

0 Ginnungagap

Ginnungagap – The gaping abyss or yawning void. The primordial place where the hermaphrodite giant Ymir was fed milk by the primordial first beast Auðumbla, the sacred cow. She licked the salt rime to unveil the first of the gendered giants.

2 Úr

Aurochs – Aurochs are the giant ancestors of all cattle. The most important animal in the history of humans. The keystone species for many European ecosystems. It was hunted into extinction in 1627. Its DNA is still alive in a number of the ancient original cattle breeds.

4 Ōs

Ōs – In Norwegian is estuary. In Icelandic, God or Odin. In Anglo-Saxon it is mouth. The Norse concept for incanting or singing a thing into existence. The art of Galdr is spoken or sung magic. To yell or scream, to evoke into existence. Think labour pains.

9 Hægl 

Auðumbla – The primordial cow. She suckled the frost giant Ymir, while licking the frozen salt rime. Búri the grandfather of the gods eventually emerged from the rime. Auðumbla likely stems from early Germanic mythology but also from the complex primordial bovines or cow goddesses.

Ymir – The hermaphrodite vast frost giant born from the venom that dripped from the primordial icy rivers. Ymir births a male and female from his armpits. He also created a six headed being from between his legs.

10 Nȳd

Þögn – Silent Valkyrie of the Golden Key. Unspoken inner shadow battles from which we mould together the shadows of our darknesses to form our personal Golden Key of Life to unlock the future. 

12 Gēr 

Heimdallr – Son of Odin and birthed by nine mothers. God who keeps watch for invaders from his home, where the shimmering rainbow bridge, Bifröst meets the sky. He watches for the signs of Ragnarök.

Asgard – Heavenly realm of Odin and his kin.

Midgard – Realm of humans.

17 Tīr

Tīr – Oldest Indo-European proto god, worshipped since the bronze age. Replaced by Woden as chief god in Germany, Tīr became god of war and justice. By Norse times he was wise and caring. Týr sacrifices his hand to the boy wolf Fenrir he befriended when the gods trick Fenrir.

22 Ing 

Freyr – Twin brother of Freya and are Vanir gods from friendly heaven. Represents male fertility as stored energy, peace, prosperity, virility, sacral rulership, fair weather and good harvest. Consort to the giantess Gerðr.

Water Meadow – Physical seat of the soul allowed to flower under Freyr’s magic.

Water Phoenix – Renewal of stable intelligent emotions after ruptures and traumas in earlier life.

26 Æsc

Loki – Giant and hostage of war adopted son of Odin. Both a shapeshifter and a trickster. Has a complex love hate relationships with Odin and the Æsir. Father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr. Pushes boundaries and tests the resolve of all he encounters.

27 Hod

Hod the Blind God, son of Odin and Frigg and brother of Baldr. He is associated with night and darkness. He was tricked by Loki into killing his own brother, Baldr, the light, considered the most kind and perfect of the gods. With Baldr now in Helheimr, Midgard was never as good or loving so Hod was killed to avenge the loss of Baldr. 

28 Īor

Īor – Jörmungandr the World Serpent. Cast into the sea around Midgard. Surrounding  the Earth and grasping its own tail.When it releases its tail, Ragnarök will begin. Īor’s nemesis is the thunder-god, Thor.

Thor – Son of Odin and Jörd the Earth goddess/giant. Thor wields the hammer Mjölnir. He is destined to battle Jörmungandr at Ragnarök where they will both die. Neither fears their ultimate destiny.

29 Eorðgrap

Odin – All Father god of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes. He dreams of his own destruction at Ragnarök and seeks counsel from the Old One in the Ironwood Grave as to how he might avert this destiny.

Aurboða Old One in the Ironwood Grave. Earth Giantess whose consort is the Earth Giant Gymir. Their daughter is Gerðr. Eoten Seer is from Old English literature and mythology.

Gullveig – Central to the war between the Æsir & Vanir. Entering Odin’s hall she is killed by a spear and burnt. She returns alive again and is killed and burnt again twice more. Finally she returns with the knowledge of seiðr magic which become the practice of the Vanir.

30 Feorh 

Wyrmhole – Dragon portal of divine consciousness.

Chimera – Creature composed of the different body parts of many beasts.

32 Toweardnes

Portgeat City or town gateway or portal.

Skuld – Primordial being who weaves the future. Her name possibly means, debt. It is related to the English word, should. She is often depicted as the the youngest of the three Norns.

34 Cealc

Calcium Carbonate – Common substance found in sedimentary rocks such as limestone used in cement. It is also found in eggshells, gastropod shells, shellfish skeletons and pearls. 

36 Ægishjalmur 

Ægishjalmur – Name given to an Icelandic magical stave used to invoke protection. It was later absorbed into early Christian magic for ritualistic practises.

37 Sunstede

Sister Sunne – Sól is the female personification of the sun who drives her shining chariot across the sky creating daylight.

Brother Mōne – Maní is Sól’s brother, the personified moon. Their father, Mundilfari said they were more amazing than the sun and moon so they were personified as such by the gods to chastise their father for his audacity. 

Moder Eorð – Mother Earth possibly refers to Thor’s mother Jörd or Jörð.

39 Mōne

Mōne or Máni – The personified moon is likely the source for the Northern Hemisphere notion of the man in the moon.

40 Wyrdheimr

Wyrdheimr – Realm at the base of the Yggdrasil tree where the Norns live. Of Anglo-Saxon origin, referring to fate or personal destiny. Ancestor of the Modern English, weird, meaning supernatural or unexpected. Links to the notion, to become or materialise. Having the power to control destiny.

41 Neadl

Niðavellir – Realm at the base of the Yggdrasil Tree. Home of the dark elves or dwarves who create the magical objects found in Norse mythology. Nið being the dark energy of a waning new moon. It is lined with gold from which the magical objects are created.

42 Candel & 44 Condel

Hod – Blind God, son of Odin and Frigg and brother of Baldr. He is associated with night and darkness. He was tricked into killing his own brother and was sentenced to death for this deed

Baldr -God of light. His mother Frigg loved him so much that she made everything promise never to harm him. Mistletoe was overlooked and so Loki tricked his brother Hod into shooting a mistletoe arrow at Baldr, killing him. Hod was killed to avenge the loss of Baldr.

Midgard is the realm of the humans or Earth.

Æther the celestial fires of life that burnish all they touch so we might polish back the shine.

49 Æppelbære

Odin – All Father who hung from the Yggdrasil tree after sacrificing his eye for the wisdom of the well. As he continues seeking more wisdom throughout his journey it must be assumed he cut himself down too early before the fullness of the fruits. 

Thor – Odin’s son does not follow the blood echo of his father. Instead his impetuous youthful nature matures and softens into wisdom as he grows older. He walks the arduous path to wisdom so as to bear worthy fruits


Urðr – Primordial being that weaves the bindings of the past. Old Norse for, fate and Anglo-Saxon for Wyrd. She anchors the roots of the past into our present creating thorny briars that block our future possibilities. The shackles of old traumas and the intoxication of nostalgia.

54 Wætergefeall

Eir – Valkyrie Healer Goddess. Her name means help or mercy and magical cunning arts. Valkyrie have the ability to wake the human dead. Eir has the skills to heal and awaken non humans wounded or dead.

55 Ætberstan

Fletcher – the maker of feathered arrows.

59 Yarne

Frigg – Goddess of marriage, prophecy, clairvoyance and motherhood. The constellation Orion’s Belt was Frigg and her distaff in Norse cosmology, with which she bound things together. May also have be an alternative origin of the flying broomstick. Consort of Odin.

61 Hælð

Idun – Goddess keeper of apples and granter of eternal youthfulness. When she was lured away by the giant Þjazi, on Loki’s instruction, all the gods and goddesses grew old and grey. Without the biome interface of Idun’s apples all life withers. 

Holobiont – Assemblage of a host and the many other species living in or around it, which together form a seemingly single ecological unit through symbiosis.

62 Stencnes & 63 Oferlagu

Geatweard – The Warden or Keeper of a Gate.

Níðhöggr – Dragon that gnaws at the roots of the Yggdrasil Tree. Níðhöggr chews the corpses that litter the shores in Helheimr. The tester of souls who arrive at the gateway.

Oferlagu – Cloak or cape, seen as an energy mantle to wear that gifts a new frequency to the wearer.

65 Wiccecræft

Seidr – The magical art of the Vanir to create prophesy and call any frequency into being.

69 Wacan

Midgard – Realm in which humans live

70 Andweardnes

Templegeat – Gateway into the sacred space of of the temple of the Now moment.

Verðandi – is the primordial being that weaves the present moment. Likely refers to the present happing moment. That which is becoming. This is the hardest of all the gateways to walk in as it requires trust in the now that the future is secured without the trappings of the past. Actioning.

73 Ráse

Ran – Goddess and personification of the sea who with her consort, the giant Ægir has nine daughters who are the various oceanic waves. Rules over the drowned and the treasures lost to the seabed. 

75 Hengetréow

Mimir – Primordial being of immense wisdom and the keeper of the Well of Wisdom from which Odin seeks knowledge, including the secrets of the runes. Odin sacrifices his eye to drink from Mimir’s well.

76 Hel

Hel – Sent to live in the darkness at the base of the Yggdrasil tree. Agreeing to receive all the dead who do not die in battle for access to all nine realms. After Ragnarök she returns Hod and Baldr to the world, thus returning the light lost to cruelty. Christian hell is named after her and Helheimr.

Odin – has a dream that Hel and her brothers Fenrir and Īor will destroy his world and him. Odin imprisons them all in an attempt to outrun his destiny. The fears that stalk Odin eventually catch up with him and Hel returns the light to the world darkened by the Æsir. The age of the Vanir.

77 Hāmfæreld

Bifrost – the simmering rainbow bridge that connects all nine realms of the sacred Yggdrasil Tree. This bridge is guarded by Heimdallr. The bridge is transient and is called into existence as required.

The Nine Realms Spread

A spread we created especially for the Liffruma Healing Oracle Deck to let the runes truly sing.

1 Niðavellir – Nutrients in the Shadows. Element of Earth. Gifts hidden in the darkness.

2 Wyrdheimr – Magical lessons in the shadows. Element of Surprise. Fertalising growth.

3 Jotenheimr – What will test your fears. Element of Air. Creating new thought patterning.

4 Muspellheimr – New passions rising. Element of Fire. Reaching towards the icy salt rime.

5 Niflheimr – The mystical salt rime. Element of Water. Emotional fountains seeking the fire.

6 Álfheimr – Liffruma Healing. Element of Love. The Elven Light gifts that filter through Asgard and Vanaheimr.

7 Asgard – Walls we hide behind. Element of Worry. Things that stop us from our future-now.

8 Vanaheimr – Where we feel freedom. Element of Kindness. That which compels us to reach out for others.

9 Midgard – Our new frequency. Element of Truth. How we live in our future-now.

Free Liffruma

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Really Raw Runes

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