Here’s a little bit of fun you can all have with your date of birth and the Runes. It’s really very simple. All you need is the day and month of your birth and some simple arithmetic. Let’s have a pun and call it…


Using the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc it is possible to list 31 Runes for each day of the month. Select your Day and Month of birth. Add these two figures together to get your Life Challenge. Add this total together to get a single digit for your destiny woven by the Norns.

My birthdate is 1st of October so that 1 & 10 or in Rune stones, 1 = Feoh (Wealth – Livestock)  & 10 = Nȳd (Shadows – Nutrients). So as a birthing frequency I kinda have ‘A Wealth of Shadows’. I can certainly vouch for there having been a plethora of dark moments in my life but there’s also been heaps of joy that follow those darker moments.

By adding the day and month together I can look at a challenge or hurdle that needs attending to in life. So 1 + 10 = 11 and that is the Rune, Īs. By looking up 11 on the ‘Life Challenges’ list I get…

11. Fear makes you a victim of your own delusions. It’s cool to slip up and get back up again.

If I work on defeating this challenge I can hone in on my destiny which is found by reducing your Challenge total to a single digit therefore mine is 1 + 1 = 2 which on the destiny list is…

2. Untameable, roaming freely. Understanding the wonders that Nomadic confidence            offers. Exploration is nourishment. 

So I’m happy with that. I might start pulling runes to see what other challenges I might look into. I’m sure all 42 will be part of me if I’m honest with myself.

How To Calculate Your Birth Runes

First look at the runes for your day and month of birth. Add these two together to get your Life Challenge. Reduce the digits of your Life Challenge to a single digit for your Destiny. Simple and also fun. Enjoy this with a loving heart.

Life Challenges

 2.  Step free of all material confinements. Break free of the box that holds you back.

 3.  Brave the thorny briars of the mind and to embrace realities behind the veil.

 4.  Find the sacredness of your body and to speak yourself back to health.

 5.  Stop procrastinating. Action movement and change. Surf a new wave in your life.

 6.  Stop worrying and overthinking about things you cannot control. Own you instead.

 7.  Open yourself up to new encounters with multiple people. Join the collective.

 8.  See the beauty in tiny droplets of life. Celebrate the natural world around you.

 9.  Don’t hide from the opportunities for growth that uncomfortable truths present.

10. Battle your inner demons and realise that many are empathic echos from strangers.

11. Fear makes you a victim of your own delusions. It’s cool to slip up and get back up again.

12. Learn to believe in the cosmic cogs that bring rewards. You must trust to gain.

13. Understand the ebb and flow in the seat of your soul. Depression recedes like a tide.

14. Forgetfulness is a symptom of anxiety. Living in a heightened panic dulls your beauty.

15. Don’t be silenced by the confidence of others. Speak up and grow up. 

16. Learn to laugh at everything. When something falters try to see the humour first.

17. See the value and wonder in letting go of the restrictions of traditions.

18. Stop hoarding and planning for imagined disasters. You’re forgetting to live.

19. Don’t wait for the comfort and help of others. You are capable of so much more alone.

20. Tribal expectations can suffocate your personal inner truth. Be you with your friends.

21. Let go of the choking grip of old emotions. They are toxic to your happiness.

22. Stop running down others and start planting new pleasures in those around you.

23. Regretting things that passed you by is a nonsense. Those things were not your path.

24. The endless patterns of endless new days is a chance to change everything.

25. Let nature tangle around your soul. Bugs, bug you because you don’t appreciate life.

26. Seek change and transformation. Don’t become sluggish and old before your time.

27. Think before lashing out and hurting others. You are transferring your own anger.

28. Learn not to put things off that can be done now. Then you’ve time for more pleasures.

29. Learn to listen to those around you. Then spirit will share magic with you too.

30. Diving into love too fast is a pool filled with emotionally impoverished abuse.

31. Not knowing the purpose or direction you need in life. Learn to flow towards your joy.

32. Daydreaming your entire future as a bullet point list that never gets ticked off.

33. Saying no when asked by others to do things. Set boundaries. It’s fair to refuse.

34. Look below the snap judgement calls and see the reasons behind others’ behaviour.

35. Accept your own frailty and learn to cry very loudly to clear your soul. It’s healing.

36. Feel protected by your own frequency. Understand your incredible power.

37. Be you even if others think you’re weird. Wyrd is glorious as it is an individual triumph.

38. Accepting that we are all in part responsible for difficulties in our relationships.

39. Finding a way to soften emotions and to control them so that you roll with love.

40. Accepting that sometimes fate plays dirty but remembering it also makes the magic.

41. Becoming so addicted to healing modalities that you forget to chill out and smile.

42. Create soul healing rituals to recharge yourself. You are too hard on yourself.

43. Give others their time and space. Recognise when you are only seeking your way.


1.  Flowing in absolute prosperity. Walking through life’s endless sweet spots, connected and happy.

2. Untameable, roaming freely. Understanding the wonders that Nomadic confidence            offers. Exploration is nourishment.

3. Blossoming like a scented rose, perfuming the world with your loving essence of beauty.

4. Celebrating the divine vessel that holds your consciousness in absolute harmony and balance. You are your own temple.

5. Untangled from all woes. Each step in your life is a sensational pleasure that frolics in your ecstatic soul. 

6. You are a pharos tower, lighting the pathways for others. A guiding light of joyful bliss.

7. You are the seeker of souls who need gentle safety in which to explore the infinite possibilities ahead of them.

8. The pastoral Shaman of eternal spring blossom. The animus drinker of the Elven Light.

9. The melter of pains, the remover of hardships, the troubles absorber and the crafter of loving support. 

Have fun with this and explore your truths openly and honestly.

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    1. It’s a pleasure. I spent a really fun day yesterday creating it all. It was a fun diversion for sure

  1. 11, 25, 9…phenomenally precise and insight-full. You are a DE-LIGHT-FULLY, serendipitous Blessing…SO needed & appreciated at this time for me. Thank You from the depths of my soul…✌

    1. Woohoo Athena. welcome to my website. Your comments will appear instantly from now on

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