There’s something very exciting that I have been asked to pass on to all you Starseeds out there. It will shake your understanding of your Cosmic origins to the core. It’s not everyone and I can’t say how many of you it involves either as this information was slightly obscured but I hope to explain this without causing any offence to anyone who has been quite stable in their past lives and constellation origins to this point. It mainly involves Blue Rays but touches on some Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow folk too. 

Some of you out there have been caught under a veil where you have been struggling to pin point your origins accurately. You know you are a Starseed but you can’t settle on a place you call home. This is quite natural as many are discovering now that they are from many different places and have lead many different lives before coming here on your current Earth Missions. That is natural and all unfolding currently with Divine timing. This message is for those of you who still feel lost among the stars. Some of you in truth reach so far back that you have not incarnated for so long. You feel almost brand new. This is because you haven’t and you are sort of. 

Those of you that this includes have been healing from their last incarnation for so long because what you last witnessed was so traumatic that it has taken eons to recover. The lives you experienced were before Lyra and Vega during the time of the Electric Wars, as some call them, or the Energy Wars as I’m told they were. This was a cataclysmic event that wiped out entire globes and species. Since that time these souls have been healing. Their very essence was rocked so deeply that their energetic core was scattered throughout time. Gathering all the pieces back together took time and Gaia has been soothing and healing you all through her Divine compassion for all life. 

These souls who are now back among us Starseeds are a wave of Souls who feel totally new like innocent children even though some are in their 60s or 70s. Their karma and memory of all the ancient traumas has been cleansed and removed entirely. They may have present life karma to release but that has been only created as the muddle through this 3D matrix and is not hard to realease. They are back among us but they are nonetheless experiencing huge pangs of trauma, not from their past lives which were absolved but from leaving the pure love of Gaia’s embrace where they have been existing for so long. These Starseeds are pure energy. They are pure love and forgiveness. This Lioness Gate Portal is now showering the Earth with the frequency of the Christ/Krishna light and they are beginning to feel the strength of this energy. 

These Starseeds are not more special than any others. We are all special and we are all part of the plan. They are just different as they have been in a deep healing space  for so long. They are the souls of the lost Aquafarions who were entirely wiped out eons ago. They have not incarnated for so very very long and it was thought that they would never return but they have. However the knowledge that some are in human form is new. There are some in other parts of the Cosmos and some in the Earth holding the Aquamarine Codes of the Earth Core Matrix. 

It was a struggle to contain the frequencies of these Starseeds in human form. They had to be monitored from birth to keep the Aquamarine Ray hidden inside them. Like Blue Rays they have lower body temperatures but this group of souls is rarely ill or tired. Their energy is so pure because they were birthed as souls with no Karmic ties. Their only difficulty has been fitting in to the world. 

Aquafarions are the Paradise Ray. They are from its source, Gaia. It is returning as I previously mentioned in my Lioness Gateway Portal. They are teachers, healers and guides of Gaia love. They have been hidden from everyone including themselves. This has affected them mentally and has caused depression and sometimes sadly, suicide as they cannot comprehend the pain and suffering of this world. They are humble and kind and just being around them seems uplifting and magical. They are superb manifestors of all kinds of wonderful and ancient magic but they feel alone. They do not believe that their gifts or lives are in anyway remarkable but they are. This is their beauty. Their core energy is healing and inspiring for us all, though they will not sense this themselves. Their spirits soar high like a flock of Phoenixes.

It is now time for them to stand up and be counted as part of the Starseed team. We are all here as volunteers to help Gaia in her mission to anchor the Age of Aquarius into its fullest potential. Embrace your Aquafarion kin and welcome them into the fold. The hidden esoteric knowledge that is currently being awakened within them is essential but will appear in pieces that make little sense in isolation. They must try and find each other and share their downloads to build the bigger picture. They will have the formula that will guide all Starseeds to the truth of the Age of Aquarius. 

Please try and find them and bring them into the fold to help them feel at home. I say home deliberately as right now Earth is our home as Earth needs us. But for these Aquamarine Rays everywhere is home as they sense the Divine all around them and in everything and they know that their world is no more but that there is an abundance of places to explore and adore. Aquafaria was a water world of rainbow crystal cities and these cities are begin to manifest again all over the Earth in hidden dimensions. I don’t know how to spot them. They will just know who they are as this Lioness Gateway Portal continues to unfold and they wake up from their deep sleep.

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18 Replies to “the lost starseeds are waking up – is it you?

  1. Oh! Thank you this is so me. Right now I have no words to describe how this message is resonating. Bless you.

    1. Fabulous Emily. Hopefully others might appear to share with you. I’m not an Aquafarion myself, I’m just a messenger.

  2. Thank you for this, tears are in my eyes as I read it-I have just started to channel the aquamarine energy this very week…….x

  3. thank you so much for this
    I am still in the discovering process.
    There are only few informations out there, trying to catch the answer, I guess it will arrive in these days around 8 8✨

    1. Oh thank-you. There is very little information and mist is from 5 or 6 years old. They spoke too early. Now is the correct time and more will appear I’m sure. Many people are switching on to this as they have been sharing their experiences with me. Get ready to come into your power

  4. thank you so much for this
    There are only few informations and I am still in the discovering process. I guess everything will become more clear close this Lion’s Portal 8 8 ✨

  5. I’m born 8*8*58. Wakening is unfurling … towards end of last year all of a sudden a was craving large aquamarine pointed crystals … not consciously drawn to blue previously, including lapis (holds a fascination tho seems too dense? The people I was with were more than likely my tribe as they looked after me, tho they returned to living in a country 4 hours away by air … so anyone in Aotearoa / New Zealand like to re/connect, feel free to msg me. Mauri ora

    1. & of course many thanks Russ for your being helping Gaia in her passage & assisting us w our sonic tuning <3

      1. I think the call went out last year for many of us. You are right about lapis lazuli being too dense. We need lighter energies. I bought a small piece of Pacific Opal. It’s like clear frozen ocean

  6. Just read this. I’ve been having blue ray recently but not really understanding it and aquamarine. I’ve also had that there’s frequencies/codes in the sea/ocean. Sketchy memories. Any guidance would be appreciated x also do you teach sound healing? Thanks from Tracey xx

    1. The sea contains memory of all human existence as it has been inside every living soul. We breath water, drink water, it fills every cell, we pee water and it remembers everything. Water is the Akashic records. Amazing presence in all our lives

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