Back in June I started attending Body Stress Relief Therapy  with Lee Ransom in Rye. I blame him for all the positive changes I have made to my life. He bullies me with his pokey sticks to change things about my life by meddling with my energy centres. He made me lose 3 stone and get fit. He forced me to walk away from the love of my life. He pestered me to give up smoking. And if I refused he pushed those sticks in so hard I screamed. Haha. None of that is true but his work on my body has been a miracle. I went in 18 stone and totally stiff like my shoulders were made of metal and now I’m lean and lithe like a gazelle, I wish. But I have lost all the tension in my back and shoulders. Until I started at the gym that is but that new stiffness is muscle growth changing my spine and posture. I love my sessions. He pokes me and I spasm. The release of tension is immediate and I look forward to each treatment. It’s his hands you see. He won’t thank me for saying this this but he’s a bleeding healer. Well if you’re ready to release the shit he can facilitate it with his sticks.

Riding along on a pushbike honey when I noticed you! You know who you are!

Then there’s the bike riding. Yes I’m back in the saddle in my super new peddle-pushers. I decided after my traumatic tearful 50th birthday (that the love of my life wasn’t there for – still can’t let that go) to have 49 other special days or things.

So I ordered a pair of jodhpur-esque trousers from Bramwell-Cole on Norman Road. As a gift from my parents. Well I love them so much that I used the rest of the money from my parents to buy a second pair. Which I had made up from my old kilt. And now I’ve ordered a third, different pair for Christmas. I need so much cheering up just now and a new look goes a long way to achieving that. 

It was a disappointment to not be able to get my Victoria Pendleton bike delivered for my birthday too from Halfords but they couldn’t guarantee delivery on my actual birthday and when I called their HO they didn’t care one jot. So I don’t care to shop there anymore. Got this old bike fixed up and I love it. They worry about the High Street suffering poor sales but it is us customers who suffer. And with my psychotic depressions I find it very easy to stop using a store forever and a day if they upset me. It’s one part of my depressed reality that I rather enjoy. Stubbornness beyond sense. 

My mother and I casting flowers into the sea for my brother Barry’s 55th birthday had he lived. A sad day. Dementia has robbed my mother of the memory of him. 

A while back M&S refused to exchanged a jacket I bought for my mother’s birthday. It was too bright for her dementia but as it was a gift I’d removed the swing tag so they refused to exchange it. Even with my very confused mother standing there frightened by the colour they wouldn’t let us pick something more suitable. So I’ve not shopped there since. I used to buy lots of food from them too twice a week so I clap and cheer every time they announce a fall in profits. They’ve lost around  £3000 from me since not exchanging a £70 jacket. And they say I’m crazy! 

The latest ‘big business pigs in the trough’ is Sony who have dug about in my Instagram feed and found a video from La Fête des Luminaires that was projected on the building of the main Square to open the festival. It has the Star Wars theme in it as a cat wields a light sabre. Sony say I can’t show this video as they own the music. I have written to dispute this and explained that if they take it away I’ll never purchase or view a Sony product again. It’s simple really. One time greed at the expense of a lifetime of future purchases. Plus I’m advertising the festival.  ********** UPDATE 11/12/18 Sony have accepted my plea for my video and they have agreed it can stay in my Instagram feed so I’ve removed the cock cheese photo as agreed. See Russell. This blogging is turning up so many good outcomes. 

However this pattern of stubborn refusal to allow big companies to bully their customers is one obsessive pattern I will not change. Unless they agree to listen to customers a bit more often. Like Sony just did. Coughs at Halfords and M&S. There are always smaller shops that can sell me stuff. 

I would say I’m inflexible but I go to the gym now for that so I’m quite open to change. It is their greedy policies that are inflexible. When a company does a nice or kind thing it creates a warm sense of being valued as a customer. This in turn means I talk to everyone about them in such a positive manner. It’s a win win situation. Word of mouth is the best advert any company can get. But bad word of mouth is not good at all. I’m an elephant and I never forget. I can however be so easily placated with an apology. I’ll roll over like a dog and show my tummy. 

Since writing these blogs I have been contacted by a few people who are mentioned in my long rants about folk who I allowed to hurt me. It wasn’t their fault often really it was mine for not admitting to the hurt I felt. And we are speaking again and I’ve found that I can let the pain go. So there is much good to be had from these confessions. I shall keep writing them and hope that others will contact me to say they never intended any harm or sadness to befall me but I do hold myself responsible as I should have told them immediately that I wasn’t happy. However I have always hated to upset others so much that I’d rather suffer myself. Which I have sadly. But now I am ready to be a little more open and a little more honest and a little more “TEAM ME”.

Chat me up people

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