A few days ago I started a series of daily videos that were being downloaded to me overnight in dreams and visions. I am always grateful for these gifts and love sharing them with you. Today I posted two so that I might be able to ask Spirit and my guides to gift me with a full night’s sleep tonight. I need it. I’m not tired but my face is crashing from off my skull. A big joy is how well they are being received by others who appreciate the wisdom I am being allowed to share with you all. 

The greatest joy however is that with each passing day the magic and synchronicities are growing ever more epic. From my beach crow who is usually the first bird I see daily to the pigeons I feed daily becoming metaphors for the meanings in the channelled messages. But the most Cosmic surprise was Mercury appearing in the clouds behind me after I called out his name. The more we exist in the flow the more the magic manifests around us. I am aligning my universe and my power.

And there was a message sent by my Elohim watchers, I was guided to seek this after the video that I finally plucked up the courage to post today in which I finally admitted that my ex was a narcissist. Everyone said this was the case but I couldn’t bring myself to voice this. The trouble with being able to see into a person’s soul is that you understand their truth and it is easy to confuse this with who they are right now. My ex is a beautiful kind and gentle soul but not yet. I have no idea when he will reach that stage in his life but it’s not now and we have absolutely no future friendship in this lifetime. I’ll pop that Cosmic gift in at the end. 

Before the videos I want to post my mock up of the cosmos at the time of the solar eclipse on 25th/26th December. This is the final step towards the end of the raw, aggressive, selfish, greedy masculine energy that has rule the Earth Grid for about 12000 years throughout the Age of Pisces. Yay! Everybody shout yay together. It’s about bloody time.

This cluster of planets in Capricorn hasn’t been seen for about 800 years so this is big transformative stuff. And this time the cluster is being bathed in divine emotional masculine sun energy to compliment the divine and loving feminine eclipse from July, earlier this year. There is so much cleansing of karmic DNA traumas inherited down family lines as well as past life crap and this is being encouraged to the surface to be shed and removed with Pluto and Saturn. Jupiter though is behind the sun magnifying the emotional masculine energy which will open into the Earth Grid and allow the Divine Feminine to fully balance through our hearts and our molecules. To get there though we must begin by looking at Ceres and the Sacral Chakra. This is self love.

Self Love & the Solar Eclipse

There is so much emotional energy around and so many amazing planets in play outside of this cluster. Neptune is floating far out on the eastern flank and this is one of the great cleansers along with Uranus and Jupiter.

Notice that all three are spread to the east along with Chiron. This explains why nerves are jangling as we feel the pull to wrench up the fury and disgust at the aggression inside us all that we try to avoid seeing. Let is rise and own in. See how it has shaped your life and then integrate it in a way that feels safe to carry.

All this is isolating Mars which is the ruler of our molecules and why the raw anger is being pulled apart to transform. The flow will happen if you focus on it or not but don’t miss this golden opportunity to do some more shadow work on your soul.

My second video is all about this fury and anger rising up in people as the eclipse approaches and Uranus and Mars stretch the extremities of the soul to open our auric field to a greater size, allowing the new balance of energy into the body. This fury that is rising in people is because of Mercury being so close to the sun that it is singeing Mercury but also as it is getting caught in the expansive force of Jupiter it’s making people vocally angry.

I didn’t notice it myself but a very observant Facebook friend Patsi Blackford Bailey spotted Mercury emerge in the clouds behind me.

Don’t Shoot Your Mouth Off 

For the third video I headed off to visit the Long Man of Wilmington for Winter Solstice. All night I was kept awake chatting with the Sidhe and the Giant figure himself. On arriving there we blessed him with mead to honour him. This was a beautiful moment and we were the only two people there. As we strolled back down a third person arrived with homemade hot mulled wine which he shared with us.

I was prepared for the gateway portal message as I’ve long known about him being a gatekeeper but the self love – self loathing message was kept from me until I was there. After this wonderful dawn sunrise I was filled with renewed joyful energy that made me feel playful and alive. 

Winter Solstice

On our return to St. Leonards the sun over the sea was so silvery and soft that the light was so magical.

After all the joyful feelings of self love all day I was knocked for six by the evening when the self loathing memories vomited up from within me. I felt utterly awash with despair. This was powerful solstice magic and I embraced it all but the fury was intense and needed to be witnessed by me so I could understand its purpose throughout my life. The dreams that came that evening were extreme and deep and varied. Nightmares and night sweats. 

As I woke for the fourth or fifth time dawn struck and the sun rose like a UFO across the sea and the colours were beautiful. I pulled on my yellows to match the sun and came out to channel a message about the nightmares and the dream battles that were feeling so apocalyptic.

The Charge of the Lightworkers Brigade

Here I was reaching out to those Lightworkers, empaths and sensitives who have been experiencing dark dreams. There are layers and layers of glass despair everywhere. I had just torn through mine during the night of sweat lodge purification. When I woke I felt so much lighter and brighter and so utterly karmically cleansed. Like a fresh page in a brand new book. Thank-you Universe.


The final video for now and the longest was the remaining dreams from that sweaty evening of tossing and turning and purifying. This was hard as it was the deepest wounds that I have been working on for so long now. Dating a narcissist and their abusive ways is so destructive and so common. I did hold back on my fury towards him but only because I had allowed the fury to fill my entire body for years now and the emotions of the night before meant that I was now in control and standing in my power once more. The release of this and owning the truth of his cruel heartless manipulations was so healing that I can’t express the release. I do take comfort in knowing that his newest lover is a greater narcissist than him. That will be interesting as it plays out but it means nothing to me now. I hope they have fun destroying each other. Perhaps they are each other’s Tower moment?

Later that day as I mentioned I was told to search out the Angel Number for the video length and was really surprised by what Google spewed up. Now I know for sure that I am free from my narcissist and ready to embrace 2020.

I am now ready to move mountains so watch out Mount Everest as I’m coming to Nepal next year as my journey across the globe is about to begin. I standing in my full power once again and I’m ready to heal the world and its people. Let the healings begin. The Elohim and I are on our way to your corner of this divine planet.

Tomorrow I’m about to set about some Earth Grid magic to prepare the Dragon lines for the Solar Eclipse. There’s more to come as we head to the Lunar Eclipse in January just after Uranus goes direct and our consciousness leaps forwards. I will no doubt have more videos as we head towards the 12th January but for the time being I need to sleep and enjoy flowing in the now and surfing that Cosmic Wave I on. I AM.

Wassail People here come 2020 


Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck 
Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos & artwork by Jena Della Grottaglia-Maldonado

Sacred Spirit Reading Cards & Sacred Power Cards (combined as one deck)
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer

Pre-Raphaelite Tarot by Valeria Menozzi & Artwork by Giuliano Costa

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