I have always been a little shy around the subject of Kundalini as it feels a lot like an overused buzzword. It feels like a word so beautifully present and soft in the mouth that it understandably acts as an enticer to many classes and therapies. In most yoga practices Kundalini is described as a snake energy coiled around the base of the spine. Through a complex series of precise breathing patterns and yogic postures it is possible to activate the snake and to allow it to rise up and flow towards the crown. I have always understood it to be two energy snakes. These snakes are indeed woken through breath but for me they meet in the centre of the chest and intertwine to create a huge energy pulse that would knock most people sideways. Once the snakes are awakened they will fight to avoid each other but if controlled to join together they transform into something far more powerful and suddenly even more uncontrollable. 

This Kundalini or Ouroboros motif comes from Egypt via ancient Greek texts and literally translates as ‘tail-food’. It is a snake or dragon energy eating its own tail. The first known appearance of this mythical beast is in the enigmatic Egyptian Book of the Netherworld written in the 14th century BCE and found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Here a figure is depicted with two Ouroboros motifs. One circling around the feet the other surrounding the head and chest. The text concerns the god Ra and Osiris in the underworld getting all jiggy with each other. This suggests that the union of the two gods is the energy of Kundalini itself. That part of the soul from the Pools of Blissful Manifestations that inhabit a higher dimension. The Ocean of the Gods that is within us all.

The Caduceus or Staff of Hermes used to represent Doctors features two intertwined snakes and this twin energy is understood to be a symbol of healing. For me, in the modern world of science the two energy snakes, one earthly the other celestial represent two energy flows of a giant powerful DNA strand that represents the soul itself. The god within us all. It is the enormous strand of higher dimensional DNA that flows to and from the earth and our higher multi dimensional self in the Sea of Souls.

So why am I telling you all about this? It’s because I get asked about this energy flow so often and I try to say to people that unless you are meditating for hours on end, month in and month out, for several years, then it is an energy flow best left alone. The sheer multi-dimensional folding of all the gates and portals as this energy ramps up throughout the body is overwhelming. This is the energy that exists in the dimensions of your higher self and that soul is sitting in that place where all things can and do manifest instantly. This is why the energy can screw you up and spit you out. It is too massive a download for our tiny brains here on earth so we tend to pass out or get so stressed that we find everyday normal functions suddenly tricky. This is the sacred place where we plan out our hopeful journey on a time constrained world to help us work our way through karmic issue we have created in our many existences.  

This Kundalini is a meditative tool that is not necessary for the development of most people here on Earth. It is a final piece of a long journey to an enlightened state that is an ongoing journey into our psyche. SO please people be extremely careful in what you wish for. I cannot allow myself to simply type up here the technique for awakening this vast energy flow as I feel it is something that really needs to be approached working carefully alongside a sensible practitioner. This is serious flow of mojo folks and as I have said in my video it has messed with me both times. I only mentioned it because I have started to get small rivers of it in my head on and off throughout the day recently and I have not be attempting to access it at all.

Crackling with Kundalini

It’s controllable in tiny doses like this and is rather pleasurable too. It is certainly helpful in manifesting things I desire as it connects directly with my higher manifesting self. I am trying to work out a technique to allow this small thread of a connection to this dimension as it would be a great tool for healing but I am loathed to allow it to flow fully as it is so extremely hard to control. Maybe in the future I might be ready to hold classes in finding the connection? I just worry about stepping inside people again and seeing things I just do not need to see about people. As an aid to manifesting good stuff it is remarkable but it is still a force like a tornado and I cannot stop a cyclone.. I will keep you all posted on how I get along as soon as I do find any safe way to connect with this wild god-force. 

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