As many of you will know I had a very interesting download from the moon while it was full and sitting in the House of Aries. I did however make a glaring omission from my chart that was thankfully pointed out to me by Brett A Welshmeyer On Facebook. I am so thankful to him and why I post to various groups and ask for feedback. I neglected to include Mars. Which is ironic and funny for many reasons. Mars rules Aries and so that amused me. For months now Spirit has been demanding that I connect with my anger which I have been working on with a Facebook angel in Canada Nicala Dawn Codling.  She is amazing, I love you Nicala.

So how did that happen? Well I first glimpsed this knowledge a few moons ago and was unable to comprehend all the planetary connections as they were thick and fast but I did get some including Mars as the root chakra. Then during the full moon the pitch of C seemed to be singing into the ground all around me and so I assumed the Earth was the note C. Which it is but it is also Mars so I have corrected the error. 

This download from the Full Moon was the completion of a previous download that started a couple of moons ago. There are energy tunnels that radiate around you connecting to the astral bodies, planets and the Earth we live on. I stood on the beach and sang each note to search out the energy tunnel which booms with each particular frequency once located. It is an amazing feeling.

The sound heads towards the planetary body while also connecting to the Earth itself. This has deeply profound effects for the healings and the group issues that clients regularly present. Like when the upper spine vanished recently in many clients. The two planets Pluto and Chiron are fairly slow movers but the personal planets can interfere with the flow of energies to the spine and nervous system and this causes energy flow issues.

The Planets & Their Energetic Healing Connections

I will place these descriptions of each planet and their pitch and energy centre in the order I now use them to heal clients. Creating a healing space requires focus and concentration to build a bubble around the client and yourself in which time and space seems to shift reality. It is good practise to wash your face and hands before beginning and to cleanse the space between clients.

Creating the healing bubble requires seeing the session as something sacred between you the client and the Earth. Also think about how each energy connects to the planets and the energies and emotions of each area you are working with.

C – Root – Mars

When Sound Healing it is important to first lock the clients molecules to the Earth. All the atoms of the physical body belong to the Earth and need to be connected in. I sing the C note above the client’s head to create the auric shell in which I will work. As each sound is added there comes a point in the healing when the frequency of the sound liquifies the body and all the relevant molecules. This is so thrilling for both me and the client who soon find themselves unable to speak, haha.

B – Crown – Uranus

I tone the sound B above the head also as this is the Crown chakra and is the opening through which the soul and our consciousness enters the physical body. This is also the first of the great three cleansing energies in the body. This requires me to stretch the portal further away from the client by connecting in and walking backwards as I sing.

C# – Spine – Pluto

The Spine need to be sounded downwards in its natural direction. It the needs to be pulled out from within the body so that it resonates outside. For most people it will sit 20-30cm from the body but when wired in correctly it is possible to place it about 1.5m from the client and the it really opens up and vibrates fully.

A# – Nervous System – Chiron

Once the spine is open it is possible to drive the pitch downwards to the A# and listen for any holes or gaps in the tone. This need to be smoothed out before continuing to wire more sounds in.

G – Thyroid & Thymus – Jupiter

The energy of the Thyroid & Thymus is the largest and most unique of all the energies that flow through us. It is the 2nd of the great three cleansers but also flows in a completely different way to all other energies. Entering high up between the shoulder blades this flow passes through the shoulders and then down the sides of the client. it then flows back up creating the energy wings. Sometimes it is important to sing between B & G to establish the separation of these two great cleansing energies.

G# – Throat – Mercury

The throat is a tricky zone to get to settle with its correct frequency. Most often this is due to the Thyroid & Thymus pitch being so close and so strong too so it often floods into the area and the G# of the throat can be found nestling under the armpit due to many people struggling to voice their truth. To get the throat note to flow it often needs the C# and A# of the relevant vertebrae and nervous system to assist with the opening of the throat. Using the melody C# – A# – G# allow access to boost the throat chakra. As with all chakras it is important to stretch the flow as far back as possible without losing the boom of the connection.

A – 3rd Eye – Moon

As with the throat the 3rd Eye needs to be wired in by searching out the frequency tunnel using the C# and A# melody moving down to the A. This melody sounds like a sad minor cartoon joke but when the tone enters the skull it is possible to step quite far back. Using vibrato will help to wobble open the frequency to get the sound to flow properly.

F# – Higher Heart – Venus

The heart chakra is ordinarily quite an easy pitch to move to the centre of the body but has recently been behaving awkwardly. It will slip into place but it seems less clear currently and this might be because of the current cluster of the personal planets around the sun. July was a particularly difficult period of retrograde planets and clusters that were affecting the flow of energies throughout the body. This part of the upper chest is where the energy breath of spirit sits though the energy of spirit descends to the Sacral and this is the seat of the Divine Feminine Kundalini snake that flows in through the Crown.

F – Lower Heart – Saturn

The Lower Heart chakra is our connection to the Natural World and is the seat of the Divine Male Kundalini energy. It rises with the breath from the core of the planet through the feet, legs and lower body but before you get all excited about joining the two I suggest you peruse my Dangers of Kundalini post. This energy centre can often get hidden and masked by others as many of us pay little attention to the natural world even though we imagine we do. This is a beautiful warm comforting pitch that is often overlooked as many of us are too lazy in our spiritual practises and tend to not belly breath correctly. I will be posting a video on breath work shortly and will add a link here soon. When this energy centre sinks too low or moves outside the body into the auric field clients will often present anxiety. While balancing this tone without successful belly breathing it will easily slip away again.

E – Solar-Plexus – Sun

The Sun in the Solar-Plexus are key to the flow of the lower body earth energies. This is a bright and strong energy that will willingly come to the aid of other pitches or energies that are not flowing properly. I usually tone a low E first to gently establish the space. Then I sing the higher octave to push through and clear the space in the body. It is important to remember that the Adrenals are close by either side of the Solar-Plexus. These sometime need to be separated by singing the E and D# either side of the E to establish the spacing.

D# – Adrenals – Neptune

This D# pitch is the third of the great cleansing energies. This has two tunnels either side of the Solar-Plexus but it is possible to feed sound into both of them if the spine and nervous system are resonating far enough back from the body. It’s very important to draw this energy as far back as possible to trigger the cleansing to flow correctly after the session.

D – Sacral – Ceres

The ruling planet of the Sacral surprised me somewhat as it feels rather an insignificant for the massive energy that passes through the Sacral energy tunnel. However this deeply emotional space is created slowly throughout our lives and suits the slower pace of Ceres and the reproductive abundance she represents. It can be a long and very slow transition to address our core emotions as they are very set in stone for many people. Gut instincts and how we feel about ourselves are all seating in this energy zone.

I like to return to the C – Root – Mars and test out the enormity of the change in the outer edge of the auric field once all the other pitches are aligned. Then to wire in the legs I use the three note melody of C# – C – A# to pull the flow down the legs to the feet and wire the nervous system into the soles of the feet.

To finish a session I like to sing a melody behind the client and let the sounds move through their bodies using the newly balanced super highways of energies now that they are fully open in the auric field. It is like the client is a cello and my voice the bow creating song from the strings. I hope this will help to feed into the many types of healing you all work with.

Wassail Russell

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