It’s Mercury Retro-great and as Val from Eternal Transformations keeps reminding her Soul Tribe, it’s that time of year when Mercury slows down enough to crank up the flow of Spiritual Downloads and they are floating through me at a more stable and readable pace (Please check out her YouTube Channel as she rewires my energy just listening to her enthusiasm). But to keep that flow on the go you have to share them. The point of ALL messages is to share them. That’s how they are activated in you and then in others. So here’s my latest which started just three hours ago. Then I can let this go of this one and wait for the next beautiful gem. 

This follows on from my download about planets and their alignments in healing the collective. We all have different karmic blockages that are trapped within us but as the planets rhumba round the cosmos they offer unique energy combinations that are the codes to unlocking and releasing Karma. How many times have I heard that old stuff is resurfacing that you thought you’d dealt with? You had dealt with it but without the correct energetic code to fully release it. 

Trauma and karmic blockages are like safes. Locked up tightly in your cosmic DNA are the original traumas. They are shut inside these hard crystalline boxes. Over past lives you have tried to open them without much success. Maybe you managed to drill a hole through but it just keeps bleeding out into successive lives and the current life too. How many of these boxes are we carrying? How many are leaking into our current life? 

At certain moments in the current cosmic timeline the planets form an energetic light code to access these boxes using the retrograde periods of planets as the keys to the safe. To open the safe with need the correct code that the planets provide and we are drawn to recreate the energetic trauma in our auric field. This allows us to unlock the blockage and fully release the trauma, safely and with compassion and forgiveness. But to complete this we have to raise our frequencies away from that old energetic trauma pattern to balance against the pull of the current astrological flow. Then the crystalline safe melts away. 

The Current Retrograde Quartet

Mercury, Uranus, Neptune & Chiron are our new best friends when it comes to spring cleaning our souls. These are the areas the Cosmos is looking for you to work with and transform.

Mercury is communication and and seeks us for us to voice trauma to own it and release it. But to do this we have to allow our energies to understand and locate that which is ready to be released. It started its backtracking on 31st October and will last until 19th/20th November. It is about downloading the absolute truth and sharing that knowledge. 

Our sense of the self and our spirit flows from slow and steady Uranus. It will retrograde until 10th January 2020. It’s been in Aries for the last seven years and finally stepped into Taurus this year, giving us a glimpse of what our new selves might be if we choose to embrace them. This was the first chance to dream of the new self before it slid backwards on the 11th of August during the Lioness Gateway Portal. Time then to set about some Shadow Work and shed some very old patterns and skins. 

Neptune is the adrenal glands, liver, kidneys and spleen. It is the planet of great and deep emotional cleansing and went retrograde on the 21st of June. It starts to head forward again on the 27th of November. This is all about accessing the Akashi Records of Earth. This deals with deep and very ancient traumas from past lives and bloodlines that have been spilling out over and over again. This reversal mode of Neptune allows us to cleanse very deeply old wounds so they might be properly released. Safely. 

Chiron is in fiery Aries until 2027 allowing us plenty of time to work on our nervous systems but especially while its retrograde. This is the first time since its arrival in Aries that it has gone retrograde. It began on the 8th of July just after the eclipse and lasts until 12th of December. As the wounded healer it does exactly what it says on the tin. This retrograde is allowing us to feel old pains as they resurface and then to rewire our neural pathways to new frequencies once the old traumas are unlocked and released. 

So retrograding is when we get the light codes and combinations to unlock and release certain past life traumas. What about Starseeds and other souls who are on their first journey to this sphere? Bloodlines.

The Ancient Ones are saying that your gift is to recreate the energetic fields of very very old ancestral DNA that has been stuck in your bloodlines for hundreds or even thousands of generations. This is exciting stuff but often also contains some extremely traumatic memories that will feel connected to your current life because they bled into and were triggered by current experiences.

This allows Starseeds to shift their auric fields to match the conception pattern of the trauma when they began and release them, healing yourselves, your families and your ancestors. Wow folks. This explains why so many Starseeds incarnated into extremely complex and violent situations. It is so that though current trauma you are able to recreate the energetic signature that will allow you to unlock the ancient trauma and release it. It’s not a pretty or desirable place to revisit but you are gifted with the magic to correct the past live trauma of your ancestors who didn’t live in the correct timeline to attempt this feat. 

Recent Sound Healings have taken on a new dimension with clients. Today during a Sound Healing, more of the ground work for this download took place. The client had been badly hurt in a nasty fall and their energy signature was totally mashed up and twisted. Activating the auric field allowed deep and very old traumas to be unlocked and stripped free. Layers of old trauma were peeled back as my voice liquified the molecules and their sound codes to bring the body and the energetic signatures back to alignment. This is profound and lasting healing that safely shifted the traumas. Singing an melody to rewire the client was so vast in its amplification though the body and aura that I was blown away and honoured to have been able to participate in this Sacred moment.

I wish everyone well as they journey inside to find the light codes to unlock the past and step into their new lighter and brighter energy fields as 2020 approaches. 


Sacred Spirit Reading Cards
By Anna Stark & illustrated by Louis Dyer.

I just love this deck and it’s especially great for any Starseeds out there wishing to connect with the Cosmic Will. I highly recommend these cards as they are beautifully illustrated and so journey affirming.

Wassail Russell

2 Replies to “downloading the safe keys to karmic release

  1. Wow Russell this is super powerful: makes so much sense that the planets in retrograde leave a window for the profound release of trauma across generations, ancestral lines, also parallel lives. Yeah have totally have that experience of chipping away at the same stuff that keeps re-emerging over the years, spiralling back for release. Exciting to think this can go at last. And also explains why I was seeing DNA helix throughout our AWESOME sound healing sesh the other day. You rock!!!!!

    1. Thanks gorgeous Zoë. It explains why the healing continued for a few days after. Your body was resetting after all the releases

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