The primordial soup was just sitting idly waiting for the luncheon gong to bong when bang – it all began and life, but not as we known it Jim, jammed itself into action. The first sound. The primal scream, that first vinyl dream with no chorus or verse just a single word was heard. In the beginning was the OM. And the OM was with God and the OM was God. From this great OM all things were made. And the OM was an ‘A’. The first sound. The primary pitch. The cosmic leader of pitch and frequency. And this first note rang throughout the multiverse to the furthest reaches of time and space to create a linear tone that would eventually echo back upon itself and then as the stars and the suns burst forth into existence more and more pitches were created. Layering themselves over the first tone stepping ever further forwards, creating ever more tones. Tones that increased in frequency until they journeyed upwards an entire perfect octave and all form everywhere was created. OM!

So with a simple OM of perfect intention the entire cosmos was sung into existence. Space, the void, light and dark matter, galaxies, stars, planets and all the cosmic laws of physics were brought into being. This OM is the creative force in everything but before it burst forth as OM it was a closed hum building and growing before it broke forth to create all. 

This OM is the nourisher in everything. This is the sound of total manifestation. By tuning in to this OM force it is possible to manifest all that you require. 

We are talking about the 3rd Eye Chakra that helps us to focus on the invisible and that which is to come. The energy we use to see through the deceit of the world and those around us. This indigo energy is the force that let’s us create a clear pathway to future joy. It is here that we manifest that which we need or desire to make our lives richer. This uncritical eye looks to create. You see what is required and you bring it forward into your life. I know this sounds very easy but i truth it is quite a skilled and difficult challenge to master. I know as I have been attempting to manifest many things for many decades now and all with little or no success. But I’ve had my epiphany now and understand the cogs that turn and how to truly manifest anything ‘I’ require or desire. We will look at this a little later but firstly we need to focus on the pitch ‘A’ of the Third Eye and have a little discussion about modern and old pitch. I grew up playing the oboe in orchestras. I was the player who had to hold a tuning fork to my ear and tone the pure piercing pitch for all the instruments. My tuning fork was a deep blueish metal stamped deeply with the information A 440. This was the the Hertz frequency of cycles per second (CPS) that describes musical pitch.

The science bit. German physicist Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894) made important contributions to the study of electromagnetism which lead to the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) establishing Hertz as a unit in 1930. It was then adopted by the General Conference of Weights and Measures in 1960 to replace CPS.

Our mate Pythagoras, as I’ve mentioned before went backpacking round Egypt. While he was there he had a cosmic moment. The great Egyptian Masters taught him the cosmic significance of the Perfect 4th and how to understand the Music of the Spheres, the mathematical Musica Universalis. The inaudible majestic symphony of the planets as they dance through the heavens. We know all this not because he blog about it or kept a detailed tablet diary but because others who followed him said so. I often wonder if maybe one of them might just have been Pythagoras in a new body since he advocated the metempsychosis – the “transmigration of the soul” from one body to the next. However the knowledge survived it remains with us today but with a giant tonal caveat. Pitch was not A=440hz, dear me no. When I first looked into this subject 30 years ago it was said to have been A=432hz. The elevation in pitch having taken place around the end of the 19th century to temper (neatly equalise) the pitch of the new pianofortes and accordions. This was nice and easy with early music being tuned 8hz lower. However since then it has become way more complicated and crazy too. Baroque pitch is no thought to have been almost a semitone lower looking at surviving instruments. A=432hz has become known as Verdi “A” and the living heart of Stradivarius instruments. When tuned to this pitch the instruments become warmer and more tonal. Indeed the sound waves at 432hz are now considered to be more in tune with the mathematics of the universe. This also apparently creates better sand and water patterns than modern 440hz. The theory that Goebbels created the 440hz pitch to trap the living consciousness is a dark alley nobody needs to venture down. It’s a copy + paste rabbit hole that is taking over the internet.

Here we have the crib sheet for A. I’m still open to any helpful advice you might have to help me fill the sheet up with more information.

Chords and Keys

A major is built up of A of the 3rd Eye – C# of the spine – E of the solar-plexus. This is a very bright tingling key with a very present knowingness. A minor with the C of the grounded root has a more selfish drive with greater presence no that the C# of the spine has been flattened.

F major is a pastoral key with the green F of the natural world with both flora and fauna as well as the C of the earth. This is a bold key which speaks of the natural world as a dominant force.

D major and minor are extremely emotion rich romantic keys all about love and self reflection and clarity of understanding leading to the adoration of others around us. F minor is similar but the focus of our love is the natural world again like F major.

My wonderful Atlas mountain pale amethyst cave crystal that has been helping me sing OM for over 30 years now. This crystal sits proudly in my Sound Healing studio helping clients to see clearly and to find their inner balance.

Focus all your energy into your Third Eye and let the light and emotions of Neptune flood your consciousness. Meditate on the A=432hz frequency and then become aware of everything around you. Fell your breath. Hear you breath. Smell the air and listen for birds, the sea, the wind rain, people, traffic hear everything around you and know that you are totally in the moment of thought. Then bring into your Third Eye that which you desire. Manifest it. Make it real rather than a hope. I recently manifested a huge opportunity but I was scared by the way the Universe brought it to me so I turned it down. But I now know that it will return to me again in another way that is more comfortable to my conscience. The gift was the kindest thing anyone has ever offered me. I was so humbled I wept tears of joy. And yet I said no as it manifested in a way that didn’t feel fully like a gift. I had to place value on it and this scared me so I said no. And I hurt the kind soul who offered this enormous kindness. But I understand that I can manifest anything I desire if I make the dream real in my Third Eye. OM to that thought. And a thousand thank-yous to the kind soul who offered me this lesson in life. I really am completely grateful for the dearest offer anyone has ever made to me. So people let’s all manifest our dreams. OM to you all and to the Universe.

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