Libra New Moon 6th January 2019

It’s a new moon at 01:32 GMT on Sunday 6th Jan and it is a solar eclipse too so a very special moon for having a chat with. We won’t see it here in the UK but the moon will be listening and whispering what we say to the sun so be certain to ask for your best hopes and dreams for the coming year. The initial message jumping from the cards seems to be about a karmic meeting with love and making choices. Those choices again that require Elk-like stamina. There’s also news and you must use this news to wish upon the stars for 2019 Libras. There are 3 out of 4 Major Arcana cards which suggests the messages for this moo are very important.

Wheel (10 1+0=1) Ace of Cups (1) Rider (1) – that’s a lot of 1s and new starts but it’s a new year. Then we have a pair of stable 4s with Elk (13 1+3=4) & Emperor (4). Lovers (6) and Stars (16 1+6=7) making the total for this new moon 6 (1+1+1+4+4+6+7=24 & 2+4=6). 6 being the number of ‘harmony’ and 2019 being a 3 of ‘activity’ gives a 9 of ‘intensity’. 

The Wheel of Fortune – Destiny

The Wheel is a card that is about receiving gifts the Universe offers. It is the mid point on a Karmic journey. Here the Universe is offering you the chance to set the flow on the gifts you wish to receive so set an alarm and get up and call to Vivienne the moon goddess and ask her to deliver all you need to move forwards this year. 

The Ace of Cups –  Love

The heart’s desire is the key message here. It’s about wishing for what your heart wants most. Not just a love match but a creative project, business, home, job, holiday or happiness. Just think about what will make your heart soar with joy and voice this desire to the moon.

The Lovers – Choices

This is about making decisions based on long term desires not short term pleasures. Wish for a brighter future on this solar-eclipsing new moon. This is about investing in your future to create a new journey as the Wheel suggests. This will not be an easy choice to make but you must try and find a direction you will enjoy and focus on it. Manifest your dream life in moon wishes.

The Emperor –  

Seeing van Gogh enthroned here is a slightly incongruous image. But that is the point. He is the centre of his own cosmos. He invented his own language of bold brushstrokes and here he is calling on us to be the Emperors of our own fates. See the bigger picture and wish large. Challenge yourself and the Universe to change. Create your own reason and logic to deliver a future of your own making. Quit pleasing others. Protect them but govern your own cosmos.

Rider – Stars

The Rider is bringing news. Something unexpected. While his message can be either good or bad the fact that the Star card leapt out with the Rider almost as soon as I picked up the deck suggests that the news is something hopeful and happy. Take this news and integrate it into the new life you are dreaming on. This news will likely come a couple of days after the new moon while its power is still strong and magical. So keep that dialogue open for a few days. Keep wishing and affirming.


The Elk is a powerful creature with magical skills and abilities. Elk has speed and agility to run for a long time but also stamina. The taweya shield on the card allows the Shaman to travel through the air in the same magical way that Elk knows in reaching a destination. Know what you want and trust that the Karmic Wheel will deliver this to you. Do only that which is necessary to succeed and follow the magical ways to achieve this year.  


Oceanic Tarot – Jayne Wallace
Tattoo Tarot – Johnny McCulloch & Megamunden
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Impressionist Tarot – Corrine Kenner & Arturo Pica
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch
Native American Oracle – Laura Tuan, Massimo Rotundo & Kaya Walker

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