Libra Winter Solstice Full Moon Dec 2018

The final full moon of 2018 is almost upon us, known as the Cold Moon. But first it’s time for Winter Solstice and the long night of the ancestors.  2018 was a ‘2’ year of partnerships, choices and decisions. 2019 is a ‘3’ a year of activity finally. Phew. This full moon is all about  you and the likely discovery of renewed love, new love, celebration and friendships. Whisper to your ancestors of your dreams for 2019. Confide in the full moon as to what will best serve you moving forward, then kick off your shoes and celebrate the ending of this years and the start of a brand new journey without the need to worry. You are finally in safe Cosmic Hands.

You can’t help but notice that this full moon while called ‘Cold’ by the Native Americans to herald the winter, is for Libra all about new starts, love and emotions. The Fool (0) – The Heavens (1) – The Ace of Cups (1) – The Three of Cups (3) – The Lovers (6) and The Heart (24 2+4=6). So (0+1+1+3+6+6=17 & 1+7=8) However the Lenormand Heart has VII also written in the top right hand corner so (8+7=15 & 1+5=6). So we have a final choice with this full moon in this year of endless choices. 6 – Harmony or 8 – Change. Or indeed both as our guides to close the year.

The Fool – New Beginning 

The Zero starting card of the tarot. The first step on a new journey Libra. A wonderful new opportunity awaits you. A new pathway to a new destiny. Before you dive deep into the waters stop and look at the final two pathways. Is this pathway practical and is it realistic? Listen to your intuition and then jump in. Dare to dream big Libra this is your time now. Focus on your new goals and do not be distracted.

The Heavens – Destiny 

This card shows us the heavens and the balance of the creative universal energy. The sun and moon, the cosmos of stars and the flow of the oceans. There couldn’t be a more perfect card for the Winter Solstice. So trust your instincts and let go of the shit you don’t need in 2019. Stop and take a step back. Look at the beauty all around and let time unfold without trying to manifest anything yourself. Let time comfort and hold you and create a new energy to carry you forward. This is renewal, rebirth creating a new destiny for you lucky Libra.

The Three of Cups – Reunion

The fun loving party card of healing celebrations, flirtations and indulgence. This is all about celebrating with those people you love and those people who understand the true you. If you are feeling creative then get juiced up and let the muses dance around you. This is a joyous card of happy carefree fun. Thank the Cosmos now for sending this to you Libra.

The Lovers – Choices

This Major Arcana card is here to say there is likely to be one final very big, crucial decision to be made before this year is over. This will not be straightforward either. If you are in a relationship it is likely a make or break moment, a turning point for good or bad. If you are single get ready for a new love to ride into your life. But the heart will be feeling lots of big energy flows in the next two weeks. 

Ace of Cup – Love 

This card is all about the heart getting its desires. So whatever it is that your heart most wants, open yourself to the energy and let your dream flow into your soul through your heart chakra. This will be either a creative endeavour or the beginning of a new passion. Love is the core to nourishing your soul and you are about to shine with passion.

The Heart – Love

This card is basically singing with the same message as the Ace of Cups but it does stress that you must not be scared to open your heart now and let the strong and often overwhelming emotion of love to flow through you. Love and be loved. What a great ending to 2018 Libra.


Oceanic Tarot – Jayne Wallace
Native American Oracle – Laura Tuan, Massimo Rotundo & Kaya Walker
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Tattoo Tarot – Johnny McCulloch & Megamunden
Impressionist Tarot – Corrine Kenner & Arturo Pica
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch

Libra New Moon December 2018

Ok Librans it’s a new moon at 7.20 GMT on Friday 7th Dec. For the next two weeks this new moon in Sagittarius is going shoot cupid’s arrow at you and grant love wishes. So sit back and make a list of all the things you require from a lover and tell them to the moon. Remember all the abundance December is bringing you? Well we are a week in and the moon is planning an abundance of passions, love and intuitions in a whirlwind of social events. We see this moon bringing closure and endings to a massive Karmic cycle. So relax and let the love wash over you.

We begin with the two cards that leapt from the Oceanic deck. A 10 and an Ace. Endings and Love (10+1=2 the number of partnerships). So not an ending of current love but the ending of an old useless love you still hold on to. This heralds a new cycle. The World (21 2+1=3 activity) is a completion card of endings and new beginnings. Regeneration. The Lenormand Key card 33 (3+3=6) is about unlocking success and the 9 of cups is the Wish Card. The Queen and King of Wands can be numbered 13 & 14 (1+3+1+4=9). All these cards that carry 3 as their root number so two rows of activity 3 energy. The overall total 2+3+6+9+9=29 and 2+9=11 returns us to the very first two cards 1+1=2 Partnerships.

The 10 of Swords – Endings

This beautiful card is often seen as unwanted but it is a necessary reminder to let go of something that now needs to be resigned to the past. An end. You have 10 blades with which to sever the ties that bind you to this old ideal. Release it. Be thankful for the karmic lesson and release yourself too. Bit to do this fully and move on you must release the past joyfully and without regrets no matter the hurt you have felt. It is time to begin anew. 

The World – Regeneration 

This card is about seeing the completion of a life cycle. It tells us to understand all the great achievements we have made to reach this cosmic restarting point. It is time to feel renewed and to find the success you have been seeking. Many of you will be rewarded in some way for your efforts to arrive at this new beginning. For many this will be about relationships as the Ace of Cups declares. Celebrate what you have achieved this year and embrace the new and exciting passions that this new moon is offering you. 

The Key – Success

The Lenormand Key is a point of balance in life. 33 is achievement in activities. It is time to place the key into the lock and open the door to a successful new life. This card is a guarantee of success and wishes coming true. So write that list and tell the moon all the things you require from it. And keep wishing for those things up until the moon blooms full in two weeks. Then sit back and watch the moon deliver them to you by July 2019. 

King of Wands – Practicality 

Wands represent movement and travel. Passions and creativity. The King is a practical man who is entrepreneurial and a man of action. He is about social growth and new contacts. He is all about the global community and connecting with people from around the world. He tells us to seek out new passions and new unconventional people and places. 

Queen of Wands – Passion

This Queen is all about communication. She tells us that we must go out into the world and to communicate with as many new people as we can. She speaks from the heart and has little time for people who are closed off from their emotions. She is about intuition, strength in relationships and integrity. She reminds us to honour our special talents. So remind the moon that you are gifted and ready for a wonderful new 2019. 


Oceanic Tarot – Jayne Wallace
Tattoo Tarot – Johnny McCulloch & Megamunden
Impressionist Tarot – Corrine Kenner & Arturo Pica
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch

Libra Luck December 2018

The stand out message as we close 2018 is to let go of the emotional upsets that have plagued Libra all year and to welcome a new energy of fertility. Not in the sense of pregnancy but the birthing of new energies that will provide new projects, thoughts, creative ideals and an abundance of treasures both spiritual and material.

Notice the appearance of the Empress (3) twice! It is quite emphatic that she leapt out from two decks. 3 is the magic number hidden inside all the cards here except for one, meaning a month of enormous activity. The Empress is a 3. The 6 of Wands is twice 3. The Vortex (Devil – XV) is 5×3. The Lenormand Letter (27) is 9×3. Just the 2 of Swords is playing a massive tease on us. It also points to the total value of all the cards together. 3+15+6+3+2+27=56  5+6=11  1+1=2  and 2s are about partnerships but because the 2 of Swords is there it is telling us that we will be faced with a decision about a lover, friend or situation where the two choices both seem unpleasant but they aren’t.

The Queen of the Ocean – (The Empress) – Abundance

The ultimate female energy and mother card of the Tarot. She has come out to play twice, all month until the year’s end. Her left hand is open to receive Karmic blessings and her sceptre radiates love. In the Tattoo Tarot version she holds a shield with an eagle and even has wings herself, representing her ability to soar high with intuition and wisdom. A card of abundance and contentment. She reassures us that we will be taken care of. Money worries will be eased as money flows again. Old feuds forgotten and harmony reigns. December is a time to grow and evolve. Invest time and energy in the relationships around us. Be generous.

The Vortex – Temptation

The Vortex jumped out of the first deck with the Queen of the Ocean as I shuffled. There can be no other certainty than to act as a warning against being caught up in the festive whirlwind and being trapped in the old energy that has challenged you all year. December is about feeling the new Empress Energy flow with you and through you. Take back the power from others to control your own destiny. If you have addictions you will find letting them go right now far easier than imagined. The addiction could also be love. Try a little more self-love.

Six of Wands – Success

Brilliant victories and successes are due now thanks to your resilience all year. You have worked hard to stay strong all year. Others will now see the shining light that is surrounding you. This is your time to shine so don’t hold back. Are you ready to accept all the wonders that are coming to you? There is the possibility of a financial reward too for some of you to help you celebrate being the fabulous person you are. Be noticed Libra it is your month to feel love and happiness. 

Two of Swords – Crossroads

In the previous Full Moon reading the Ace of Swords was present and now that victory we have begun to enjoy is opening into a brand new journey with a new choice to make. Which way will you decide to step onwards into this new cycle that is heralding 2019. There is no correct path. Both are equally good but you must choose one and start that new journey.

The Letter – News

There is something on your mind that has been an unspoken worry all year. This month is the time to get that worry off your chest. However it might be wise to wait until after the 11th December. Give the new moon on the 7th a few days to settle in before you spill the beans. Then everything should be received with open ears and loving hearts. Do not take this secret into 2019. Open up and release it this month. For some there may be some good news that may come in any form written or verbal but it will be extremely transformative for you. 

I will post a New Moon reading for my fellow Librans in a week. 


Oceanic Tarot – Jayne WallaceTattoo
Tarot – Johnny McCulloch & MegamundenImpressionist Tarot – Corrine Kenner & Arturo Pica
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch

Libra Luck November Full Moon

The stand out message is new beginnings and regeneration. This is perfect since the Scorpio full moon in Gemini yesterday was the closing point in a life cycle and is shining in our house of finance and money. 

Observe all the ‘ones’ that have jumped from the decks as they were shuffled: Ace of Wands, Ace of Swords, the Magician but also the Man card from the Lenormand is 28 (2+8=10 or 1). And the Hermit IX with the Magician I (9+1=10 or 1) leaves only the World XXI (2+1=3) as the stand alone number representing activity.

The numerology total of all the cards added together comes to 7. The magical lucky number that signifies Potential.

The Man 

The fact that a signifier card jumped out of the deck tells us that the most important message just now fellow Librans is to focus on ourselves and not others. This is a full moon energy that is washing us clean of the old dusty crap. Stop helping others for two weeks and focus on you. Bathe in the beautiful regenerative energy that this Scorpio moon offers. It really is the most beautiful moon of 2018. And tomorrow and Monday promise to be the most wonderful days of the entire year.   

The World – Regeneration

This card is the final card in the journey of the Major Arcana from the Zero start of the Fool to the completion of a karmic journey with the World. For many Librans this is a long over due moment. Uranus has for the last seven years been toying with us in many ways but that is all changing just now. Welcome to a new life libra. 

The World tells us that we are regenerating and renewing ourselves. We have reached a completion goal and are ready to reap the rewards of hard earned success. This is a time to celebrate our successes and to openly embrace the new energies that are entering our lives now.

The world really is our oyster.

Ace of Wands – Growth

This card shows that we are crowned with success as creative projects, new ideas and travel plans take off. This is a joyous card of fresh activity. Communication is excellent so use this energy to persuade others to join you in your new ideas and plans. Step into your power Libra and shine. Talk, invent, create and feel the fertility of everything you wish for. Light the fire in your passion and move forwards with determination.

Ace of Swords – Victory

This card is a sign of intelligent thinking and the ability to use the sword to cut through the bullshit and find absolute clarity. A pathway to an immediate victory. Look at the recent issues of conflict and set your new fresh thinking on them and cut away the clouds that have been confusing you. Use this new clearer intelligence to create  a victory for your new life’s journey.

The Hermit and the Magician

These two cards jumped out together and talk of a message of transformation. It is time to step out of the solitary energy of contemplation and manifest the new energies of creativity, money and success. The planets have marked us out for the first time in several years. Many planet are currently clustering around our constellation and making us shine with new power and energy.  


Oceanic Tarot – Jayne Wallace
Tattoo Tarot – Johnny McCulloch & Megamunden
Impressionist Tarot – Corrine Kenner & Arturo Pica
Morgan Greer – Bill F Greer & Lloyd Morgan
Mystical Lenormand – Regula E Fletcher & Urban Trösch

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