Here are nine doorways in Le Havre that are hiding magical energies to help you reach out to your inner child and connect with the magic hidden behind each door. Which door most calls to your inner child? Then click play on the YouTube video below and head for the time stamp to your portal. I can see you thinking about this choice. Choose quickly, I can’t breathe through this mask.

Door A Door B

Door C Door D

Door E Door F

Door G Door H

or The Crack in Time

Time Stamps

A – 1:48
B – 7:55
C – 13:05
D – 19:35
E – 25:52
F – 35:08
G – 43:06
H – 51:15
The Crack in Time – 59:59

21 Replies to “pick a portal – to the lion’s cub gateway energy

  1. Love it! Very accurate! I picked B♡♡♡ And of course the “Crack in time”

  2. I chose both the crack in time and the door after g! I just had a tattoo of a Phoenix last week. All my life I felt like I was meant for big things. I don’t know why/how. And I’m nearing 50 and have not seen much proof of this. And it’s true I do struggle with many dark nights of the soul because I’ve been plugging along at this for what seems like an eternity. I’ve experienced a lot of trauma in my life and have been focusing on healing those parts of me. But I’m ready to experience my divinity. I’m ready to reconnect with my inner child and start thriving. Thank you for blowing some more wind in my sails! I look forward to connecting with you. Much love and blessings, Becky.

      1. Yes! Let’s hope my reading sheds more light into these situations! <3

    1. I need to watch it back. I’ve not had a chance yet so they all feel vague still from being in all the different frequencies

  3. DOOR H.Made sense bc my tiny abode sits directly under a large tree/over its roots underground. Recently the tree snapped+ was trimmed by about 90% allowing sunlight previosly unavailable for 25+ yrs. On 8/3, I held a Full Moon ceremony under the tree offering a rock medicine wheel at the base of this Spirit Tree, on freshly tilled soil, among other things. When it broke a few wks ago, not one branch fell on my home (small old trailer in amazing health): A sign that it really loves me + wants me to heal via heat and sweat, which suits me well. I handle heat exceptionally well. As a small child, when i drew pictures, it was usually the very image of this tree w/ detailed attention to the leaves’ growth pattern, again matching current day. I started a short story 2 yrs ago, b4 i lived here, of such a tree + a small girl w/ magic sunglasses. The Phoenix has appeared in 2 other readings this week. My Life Path is 1, always landing on my feet, however implying I fly a lot. My inner child is shy/ doesn’t want conflict, wants to understand/be a member of eco systems w lizards, birds and insects/gardens. My natal Moon is Aries in the 12th H. The center of said Medicine Wheel is a pot of fresh fusia geraniums! The beach rocks were chosen by my granddaughter, daughter and myself. I do get quite sad, but I also can be quite happy, esp in love. Sun in the 7th. Sagittarius. God help us All.

    1. That’s so wonderful and so embraced by the energies of the natural world watching over you. Beautiful

        1. Sure. All the info is on here under prices. Scroll down to find the tarot page and click on the link.

  4. Wow you are so the Devine channel of the brightest light and so wise. Last night I did a journey underneath the ocean to work with my spirt guides to cross over children of abuse. After the journey I felt so lifted and deep heart expansion. Then when I layed down to go to sleep I heard all these cry’s asking for help and I saw the titanic going down I didn’t understand why this happened. Thank you so much I have had challenges grounding I have done so many types of grounding but I haven’t felt my self solid in the earth. I did had a trauma with a tree when I was a young girl and fell out of the tree and caught my leg on a branch and had a deep puncture and hit the ground hard and was not allowed to tell my Mom what happened I was at my Aunts house . Is there a grounding I can do to overcome this dear?

    1. Finished crack in time. It felt like a continuation of c for me. Thankyou Russell. You channel intensely amazing energies. And I’ve said this before as well, with you is not just channeling, it’s transmission. Much love.❤️

  5. Russell, C for me. The reading actually opened a portal for me. The queen of thoughts directly transmitted. Huge shift. Reeling with aftereffects of that energy. In a good way.
    About to see crack in time now.

  6. only just got a chance to look at this, I picked door C – wow wow wow, that was absolutely brilliant very very powerful and I loved it Russ, I was born on a 13 to boot, THANK YOU!

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