Here is a collection of my YouTube videos. I add to these all the time as I find new tunes to help certain clients. I usually sing them through the client’s body so they can record them resonating through their flesh and then play it back using headphones to feel the healing sounds in their bodies over and over. As new melodies are created I then add them here and on YouTube so that anyone can plug themselves in to my unique Sonic Shower Healing. Scroll down and give them a go. Headphones will help to internalise the sensations. All sounds are allowed to drift and shift to help enable the tones to lock into the flesh. This is flatter than A=440hz as the Cosmic Harmonies are subtle and shifting.

Wow folks its a video for the spine and it has the sea to stare at instead of me. Focus on the waves and their healing cleansing energy.

I have created a series of three videos to demonstrate how a sound healing works as the techniques I use are new and unique and do not fit the usual patterns of most sound baths that involve gongs or singing bowls which is why I describe it as a sonic shower.

While I’m RussellingAround inside with my voice I make use of overtone singing. This allows me to check the harmonic sequences in the body and correct them. These are the hidden energy flows of the subtle body and activate deep cleansing at a cellular level.

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  1. Hello from Greece
    I just discovered you and am fascinated. I am a female artist and musician.There is something stopping me from letting go and allowing my voice to be who she is. Can you help?

    1. It quite hard to do when not one to one. But I will try at some point soon to look into thinking about recording some voice exercises. The problem is there’s not enough hours in the day at the moment. Apologies for the slow response my computer died

      1. How lovely to hear from you.
        I think you are right about one to one. If your travels ever bring you to Greece especially Corfu let me know. Also, if you would like to give a retreat in Corfu we could work it out. If you are interested here is the site:
        All the best

  2. I have been studying and practicing metaphysics for years and was just recently recommended to your website. When I heard the overtones I could feel the cells in my body being activated in the areas listed. Thank you for sharing, it makes a difference-a positive one.


    1. That’s so amazing to hear Mark. Apologies for the delay writing to you. Was frozen out somehow

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