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I flogged off my house and all its contents. Intention? I was intending to go study for an MMus but I can’t find a place to settle in that can also let me study the area of sound and its acoustic effects. I’m a voice coach and have been working in the UK music and film industry and West End Theatre teaching many A list stars to improve their “ahs”. And their other unruly vowels. I’m the man who can fix any voice and remove the break in registers and increase control, volume and range. I also developed a sonic shower technique that has energising healing effects on the body and mind. I’m current back in Hastings as my mother has dementia and my father has COPD. I’m just preparing to set up a sound healing centre as a base to go around the world sharing sound healing.

I’ve been finding tools to to help me deal with a lifetime of depression that comes and goes in bouts. I can help other to heal but healing one’s self is a little trickier but it is something I have to try and do alone. I’m just that sort of person.

Recently went plant-based after giving up dairy finally and along with going to the gym and getting back on a bike I’ve lost about 3 stone in weight and I’ve never felt better.

I’m also currently working on two TV scripts but I’m forbidden from explaining too much of that however my writing skills are becoming so honed now that a recent poem I was asked to write for the Labour Party about mental health and social care in the UK was so powerful and raw they banned me from attending and reading it aloud. Go me with my powerful pen. I may be called Rusty Penn but it’s super sharp folks haha.

It’s time for me to break free and shine so strap yourselves in people I’m about to be everywhere.

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  1. My dearest Russ
    I love you my darling!! this is truly inspiring!!! all your energy, love and desire of sharing!! I am thrill that you are doing this!! I am sorry was crap at replaying back quickly, but I do keep you in my thoughts and heart. I hope you are having a truly wonderful time. I thought I was going to be able to make it for Chris’ wedding, but sadly not. But I do might be able to come down possibly in October if everything goes well. In this country you never know. It has been so difficult for me to get a proper job but also to be in an steady state of mind to carry on….but I am very well right now. Better than ever, stronger, happier, just accepting life and doing little bits every day.
    I really hope you get this message. If not I am copping it to send it through the ordinary email. I love you my dear Russ, and I miss you. And you so wonderfully inspire me in going ahead with my dreams. I can not wait to see you and all the lovely friends I have in the UK. Do please consider coming to visit me in Lima. I got a massive house to host you right now, so you wont have to spend any money in a place to stay. And of course I will be minted to be able to show you around and help you understanding this crazy nuttier society and country. Think about it. It will give you blog and international adventurer feeling….and lots of facts to prove it. Sending you much much love and smiles my dear xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hello Russell,
    I really enjoyed talking to you yesterday.
    Hope you muses accompanied you to the seashore and home to your drafts.
    Interesting blog – will explore your recipes. Like your poems – and admire your courage in giving up your home and possessions to avoid stagnation and settling into the nest too deeply.
    With all good wishes,

    1. It was really wonderful. I replied the day after you wrote this but it didn’t send. Then I was unable to log in. Was having a full moon technical meltdown it seems. I wouldn’t mind but it cleared up and let me log on finally today. I hope to see you again soon Zelly. That was so unexpectedly joyous. Thank-you

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